Tuesday, October 06, 2015


September 24, 2015 - Believe it or not, I did not wake up to watch the sunrise this morning!  Since everyone else wanted to sleep in, I slept in too.  It was glorious!

I actually didn't sleep in too late, because all the ladies were going shopping today.  You know, because bitches be shoppin' and everything, right?  Heehee!  I was kind of glad to get out of the house and look around a bit, so we loaded up in Kristin's mom-mobile and headed over to Apalachicola.  I'd heard about Apalachicola, but I'd never been there.  There was a lot of absolutely nothing in between Port St. Joe and Apalachicola, but really, they are only about 25 miles apart.  I think. I don't know for certain, because I kind of zoned out during the drive.

The town itself was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but it was cute.  We drove around a bit to see if there were any shops that caught our eyes.  We stopped outside of a place called Oyster Bones, which was a shop that specialized in pet stuff.  I had to reassure everyone that I wouldn't burst into tears by going inside and seeing dog stuff, and luckily, I didn't!   We walked next door to another, more normal souvenir shop and looked around a bit, but we ended up leaving Apalachicola (that name is torture to type out when you aren't familiar with it, BTW) so that we could drive into Port St. Joe and see if they had any souvenir's with the name of the town on them.  Port St. Joe doesn't look at all like a touristy town, which I'm fairly certain I've mentioned before.  It's more like going to any small town that hasn't been upgraded since 1945 and walking around their courthouse square.  Please, don't take that as an insult to the place because I actually really liked the whole small-town vibe of it.  A lot of the stores were closed for whatever reason, and a lot of them were dedicated to selling things that people would use to decorate beach houses/rentals instead of souvenirs.  I never even found a snow-globe!  There was this amazing, old movie theater that looked as if it had been abandoned for 70 years.  I got a picture of the sign, but not of the interior.  The inside was pulled apart and all of the old seats and film equipment were scattered around.  It would have been fun to explore, but I'm pretty sure you'd get tetanus just walking around inside. We ended our exploration by stopping by the local book shop/coffee place.  I found a regional cookbook (albeit from 2011) and a book of regional ghost stories to add to my collection.  Then we headed back to the house, because we all had to get ready to go dinner together again that night before having our group picture taken. 

We were told to wear black and khaki, because that would look best against the sand of the beach.  I wore my comfy black dress and hoped my legs would look khaki enough to suffice for the rest, so I didn't exactly follow orders, but no one seemed to mind.  Aunt Brenda had been wracking her brain all day to try and pick a restaurant to go to dinner in (It was her treat, so it was her choice!) and we ended up going to Triple Tails, which isn't a strip club even though it sounds like one!  It had great food and a very nice, and patient, wait staff.  You should go there, if you're ever in the neighborhood!

By the time we'd all finished eating, the sun was going down and it was starting to rain, so going all the way back to the beach by the house wasn't going to work, so we drove down to the marina at Port St. Joe and took our pictures out there.  We were all so cute in our matching outfits. The sunset was really beautiful, and our pictures turned out very well! At least, they looked good on the screen of the camera, so I'm going to assume they'll also look good when they're bigger. (I'll post some pictures when I get my hands on them. I'll also post pictures from my phone once I get home and can upload everything. Not having reliable internet kind of sucks!) 

Steve and I made a run to the local CVS for something to put on our fly bites.  They hurt when they bite, but they also start to itch like fire after a few days.  I hate bitey flies!  I HATE THEM SO MUCH!  I also bought a bottle of Drano while we were in there, because I'm tired of our tub not draining for an hour. I hope it doesn't screw up their pipes or sewer system or whatever they have out here, but other than that, I don't care a bit.  

Once we got back to the house, we sat around a talked for a while until bedtime.  It was a nice day. 

My sunburn hurts and itches.  It itches more than it hurts, but it hurts to scratch!  Woe woe woe.  :)

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