Wednesday, October 07, 2015


September 25, 2015 - Guess what I did this morning?  If you guessed that I woke up before daylight to go see the sunrise again, you win a cookie! Yay!  Since this would be our last full day in Cape San Blas, Aunt Brenda, Amy and I decided to go out one last time.  I'm glad we did!  The horizon wasn't nearly as cloudy as it had been, so we got to see a proper sunrise, like the one I saw on my own that first day.  Again, we walked way too far, but we had a good time.  Aunt Brenda always brings a big zip-lock bag with us so we can collect shells, or whatever we find, and we came back with a lot this time! One thing we've been finding on this beach are whole quahog shells, which aren't that pretty, but it's neat to see them all in one piece.  There are also HUGE ark shells, but none of them are whole.  Aunt Brenda wanted some big shells to put out on her porch (I think) so we've been grabbing the biggest ones we can find, whole or not.  It doesn't really matter if they're whole, I don't think.  Seashells are a reminder that you can find beauty even in the broken things. 

Once we got back and had breakfast, I only had a little bit of time to myself before we had to go into complete clean-up mode on the house.  Technically, the house is someone's home, or at least it will be once they retire. I guess it's like Air B&B?  I dunno, but we didn't want to leave it looking like it had been inhabited by animals for a week. I decided to spend my last little bit of time walking on the beach again.  I swear, I've walked miles and miles this week, and I've enjoyed it!  On my way back out, I grabbed a can of sunblock (not mine, unfortunately) and sprayed my face really well, since I got so sunburned on Wednesday and didn't want it to get worse. This time the bitey flies were back on the beach and I couldn't enjoy my walk because they were after me! I think they literally followed me the whole time I was out there, so I didn't get stay out for very long. Stupid flies.

I came back inside to take a shower, and noticed that the sunblock I used on my face caused an ugly allergic reaction.  I mean, U-G-L-Y I don't have no alibi kind of reaction.  Every inch of my face was covered in a bright red, bumpy, gross rash. It looked like I'd had a puberty redo.  Oy.  Because a lot of that stuff had been cleared away by the time I'd come back inside, I couldn't even find the bottle I'd used to see what could be causing the rash.  BOO.  : ( 

The rest of the day was spent clearing out the fridge, washing clothes, cleaning up the house, and watching old TV shows and, weirdly, the marathon of Friday the 13th movies.  I also played ping pong with Steve, and it served as a reminder of how bad I actually am at ping pong.  I still might be better than Steve, though! 

It wasn't as relaxing or fun as the beginning of the week, but we still had fun being together.

I'm sad that we'll be leaving tomorrow. I really will miss this place.  I like it here.

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