Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Steve is a very heavy sleeper.  Very heavy.  For some reason, he has an alarm set to go off at an ungodly hour that he never hears.  It will wake me up, and then I have to shake him until he reaches over and hits snooze.  Yes, instead of turning off the alarm altogether, he just hits snooze and then we go through the whole process all over again 10 minutes later.

This happens almost every morning and it drives me crazy!  Even though I shake him awake enough to reach over towards the alarm, he doesn't fully wake up, which has led to all sorts of shenanigans such as repeatedly turning on and off the light of a larger, non functioning clock he keeps nearby, patting the table top without actually touching the clock at all, or my personal favorite, picking up the entire larger clock and pointing it towards the TV like a giant remote control, and tapping it as if he's trying to turn off the television.

Honestly, I'd probably think it was funnier if it wasn't waking from a dead sleep everyday!

Last week, though, was a new one.  As usual, the alarm went off and I shook him enough to get him to hit snooze.  This happened two or three times, I guess, and I finally just thought "Screw it, let it ring."  So I turned to face away from him, figuring that either he'd hear it, or I'd just kick him if it went on too long.

When the alarm went off again, I waited, and waited, and finally I tapped him with my heel and he started moving.  Only this time I felt his hand reach over and lightly press on the top of my head.  He did it twice, and I thought that he was awake and just teasing me, so I laughed.  He didn't respond, nor did he turn of the cursed alarm.  I said "What are you doing?" and he said "nothing" but the alarm still went on.  So I tapped him with my heel again, and he reached over and lightly pressed on my head several more times.  I laughed again, but then he reached back and turned the alarm off and immediately went back to sleep.

It wasn't until after he'd gotten up and was ready for work and we were talking about his infernal alarm clock that I mentioned that he'd been tapping my head and found out that he had no idea.  He hadn't been awake enough to know what he was doing. I guess the fact that I was waking him up by tapping him meant that he was trying to hit snooze on me!

We laughed and laughed.

Maybe you just had to be there. 

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