Saturday, June 25, 2016


Well, this is nice. At some point, a tiny blood vessel in my eye popped. I don't know how or why, and I never felt it, but now I have a gross red splotch in my right eye, and I bet that's all anyone will be able to look at when I talk to them. Gross. I need an eyepatch now. :(
We left our cute little hotel this morning and drove over to Cobh (pronounced Cove) to see the Titanic Experience. I thought it was going to be like the one we saw in Nashville a while ago, but it was much, much smaller and it didn't even have any artifacts! What was awesome, though, was that the museum was housed in the original White Star Line ticketing office and it was the last place that the Titanic visited before it set sail across the Atlantic, and the last place that passengers loaded. It was still a neat museum, even if it wasn't that big. I stood where the last third class passengers stood before getting on the boats.  Like the exhibit in Nashville, they'd given is cards with information about a passenger on it, and that was supposed to be who we were during the tour. When it was over, we got to see if our person survived.  I got a third class passenger called Julia Smythe.  Luckily, she survived.  I don't know what it is about the Titanic that gets to me, but during one part of the tour I almost cried.  I can't stand the thought of people leaving their husbands and fathers behind, I guess.  I didn't cry, though, because that would have been weird.  It was an interesting little tour.

Afterwards Steve and I went to get something to eat and wound up in a tiny place called Leonardo's. There were a few  people from our group in there, and the weirdest thing happened. Maybe I misunderstood, but it was such a weird thing to say that I'm not sure, so you tell me what you think. 

One of the people we'd had dinner with the night before was in there with two other band members. At dinner he made a joke about a mad leprechaun coming in and messing up some clothes because he hadn't kissed the Blarney Stone. (It was a strange conversation, so bear with me.) Anyway, I stopped at his table and told him his leprechaun was on our bus throwing stuff around. Stuff had actually been falling off the overhead bins on our coach for no foreseeable reason, which is when someone mentioned the mad leprechaun.  Anyway, the guy said "Well, it visited me this morning and stole my gift of gab, because I haven't felt much like talking." then he turned around and kept on talking to the ladies he was talking to when we walked in. I just nodded and went on to our table, but after thinking about it for a few minutes I felt like maybe he was telling me to go away because he didn't particularly want to talk to me.  Yes, I know that sounds paranoid, but I think I got a very creative brush off, which was weird because I wasn't trying to...uh...brush on. Eh, well, I don't know that guy, so it doesn't really matter, I guess. It was just a weird thing. I wasn't upset about it or anything.  Who knows?

We got back on the coach and made it to Limerick, which is where we will be staying for the remainder of our trip.  We were originally supposed to have a concert in Galway, but for some reason it got canceled, so Limerick was the destination and we made it there in due time.  We are staying at the Radisson Blu, which is the most "American" hotel we've stayed in thus far.  It is nice, and seems relatively new, but things keep breaking on us.  Hopefully the hotel staff don't think we're doing it on purpose. I suspect it's a shiny new hotel with cheap fixtures.  We'll see if anyone shouts about having to pay damages later.

We had dinner at the hotel and then turned around and headed back out to the next concert, which was at this ancient church called St. Mary's Cathedral.

It was so beautiful, and the acoustics were amazing. It was actually a dual concert with a local community band, the Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band, that has been playing since 1850, the joke being that not everyone is an original member...har har. :)

 Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band. Say that five times fast.

Twickenham Winds. No need to say it more than once.

Both bands did a great job, and my only complaint is that Steve's band went on a bit long. The church is huge and old, and it was freezing inside. I thought I was going to succumb to hypothermia, but as you can tell, I survived.  Barely.  :)  Usually you can go outside if you're cold, but it was colder outside than in. Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert and the other band invited us all to a pub down the street called The Locke where we had pints of stuff and plates of nibbles.  It was so much fun, and it seemed like this band and our band mixed a lot easier than the one earlier in the week.  We got loud, but apparently that's how you do the pub thing over here.  It's miles more fun than going to a bar back home.   I didn't drink much, so I wasn't even buzzing or anything, but I still almost fell down the steps of our tour bus because I missed a step. Desmond  thinks I'm drunk instead of just clumsy.  I wasn't, I promise!  I wasn't even a tiny bit drunk.  I just can't win!  Also, Hit my arm when I reached to catch myself and I have a gross bruise forming on my right arm to go with my gross eye blotch.  Seriously, I couldn't get sexier right now if I tried!

Tomorrow is another adventure and I'm very excited about it!

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