Tuesday, July 26, 2016


1) My visit to the cardiologist went well, thank goodness!  I explained everything that happened, and he didn't seem too concerned.  He did ask me a few questions and he has me scheduled to do a halter monitor test in early August.  Basically that means I'll get to wear a portable EKG thing (I think, anyway) for 24 hours and they'll see if my heart is doing anything weird.  I'm going to be super sexy wearing a heart monitor, you know.  Too bad I can't bedazzle it or something.  I could make it look good! :)

The thing is, I haven't been taking the medicine that one of the docs thought could have caused my "event" (and I won't take it again until I'm sure there are no problems with my actual heart) and I'm taking the prescribed amount of the other medicine that they thought I might have taken too much of, so if that's what caused my problem, I'll probably never know.  I never had problems with either medication before, so I have no idea.  All I know is that I can feel the effects of the lack of those meds, and although it won't cause any long term problems, I'd really like to feel better in general by getting back on them asap.  Good times.

I think my whole personage just needs a tune up.  I just want to feel normal again!!!!!!

2) Sunday night, when I got home from church, I got out of my car and it was smoking out from under the hood. I don't know much about cars, but I do know that is not good!  I popped the hood (you know, because I know about engine stuff) and there was a loud hissing noise a puddle of green stuff frying on my engine.  I called Steve out to look at it and he said it was coolant, so apparently my car overheated.  Who knows why? I'm not driving the convertible until we can get it fixed, so I have been driving the Dakota that doesn't have air conditioning!  It's so dang hot and the truck doesn't have air. It also has an engine that sounds like a helicopter.  That's by design, though.  Granted, I'm not going to complain too much, because without the behemoth, I wouldn't have a vehicle. I'm definitely more fortunate than most people would be at this point!

I've been saving up for a newer car.  I was hoping for the convertible to last at least another year, bits falling off and everything, but depending on what the mechanic says when we (eventually) manage to coordinate schedules and get it over there, we may have to start looking for a newer car sooner than I'd planned.  I know you can't keep cars forever, but I was really used to not having a car payment!  *SOB*  Oh, well, if I want to be able to drive long distances without the car stopping for no reason, and maybe not have it squeal when I turn on the engine, and possibly not have anything fall off when I drive it, we'll just have to suck it up.

I have picked out what I want next, though! 

A Honda HRV

Well, actually what I WANT is:
a 2016 Hellcat 

But if I want to be able to pay if off in my lifetime without having to sell the house and live in the car, I'm going with the Honda.  It isn't flashy, but it should be more practical.  

I don't want to be practical!!!!!!!!

*Sigh* I'll be practical.  

3) Our yearly termite inspection came due last Friday and I managed to get in and out of the shower before he showed up!  Yay!  Well, actually, I waited a very long time for him to show up and he wasn't there by 2:00 that afternoon. The guy was supposed to be there that morning.  I was not happy.  I mean, I know stuff happens and service people get behind on their visits for one reason or another, but I'd expect anyone that late to have someone call or something!  So I took matters into my own hands and called.  I wasn't rude.  IN fact, I went out of my way to be nice, but I did tell them I had things I needed to get done and I needed to know if they'd be there at some point.  The person on the phone gave me a weird kind of non-answer, but said they'd have the local office call me and reschedule.  I told them that I would have to leave, so they'd have to talk to Steve to reschedule.  I only did that because I really had to go run an errand (timing was an element) and would be gone a bit, and if they were going to call back, I wouldn't be home.  

So I went out and did my stuff and came back, and I was home about 20 minutes when the doorbell rang and it was our termite guy!  I thought Steve must have gotten scary to these people on the phone, because I had expected to have the inspection on another day, plus the guy was really, really apologetic.  I didn't care, I just let him in to look around while I was fixing dinner.  The guy was really excited to see all of our Star Wars stuff.  We have it in pretty much every room right now (we are still trying to re-organize things and I'm ashamed we aren't done yet) but every time he'd go into a room he'd say "OOOH! I like your Chewbacca!"  "Oh, wow, your husband has some first generation stuff!"  "Wow, that's a big Millennium Falcon!"  I think it probably took him longer to do the inspection because he stopped and looked at all of our toys!  He was very excited.  Haha!  I also realized when he was done that I'd had my Star Trek uniform hanging on the frame around the closet because I'd moved it earlier and hadn't put it away yet.  Do you think we're the geekiest house he was in that doesn't contain kids?  It has to be close.
As it turns out, Steve never talked to them.  Being nice must work!

4) I learned to make pasta from scratch!  I'm very excited about it.  

There's not really a story there.  I just thought I'd let you know!  :)

Have a lovely day!

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