Thursday, July 07, 2016


1) I had the most random memory pop into my brain this morning. Maybe I've told this story before, but I'm not sure.

Just to give you a bit of background: when I was in the 8th grade (I think) I went on a trip with our Junior Beta Club to Washington D.C.  If you knew me back then, you'll probably remember me as a very quiet, very geeky kid. This was before being geeky was as socially acceptable as it is today.  I can admit that now, so it's ok to agree with me!  Haha!  I was really only friends with one girl on the trip, and if you have ever traveled with a bunch of people you barely know, some of who were the kind of kids who would purposefully alienate you from their groups because you weren't cool, you can probably guess how I was feeling a lot of the time: a little left out and very unsure about what to do with myself.

We were at Colonial Williamsburg, I believe, and we were taking a tour of some house.  I don't remember, exactly where we were, but I know we were in an old dining room and the costumed lady was telling us about the kinds of foods they would have had for dinner.  She mentioned beef tongue, which I'd never heard about people eating. I said out loud "Yuck, I don't want to taste anything that could taste me back!" It was a dumb joke, I know, but everybody laughed.  It was the first time that I remember making people laugh.  I'm sure I had done it before then, because the law of averages kind of leans that way, but it was the first time I remember making a LOT of people laugh. I was hooked. That was a kind of turning point for me. I think that moment prompted me to stop hiding behind my books and try to be a little bit more outgoing, and I knew I absolutely wanted to make more people laugh.  I still do!  I think that when people say I'm funny, it's one of the nicest compliments they can give me.  Well, say I'm funny and smoking hot, and THAT would be the nicest compliment, but I'll still take funny any time. :)

I think it's odd that I suddenly remembered that moment so clearly, though.  I've been remembering a lot of very specific moments lately.  I hope this doesn't mean my life is flashing before my eyes or anything.  Geez.  There's a thought that'll keep me awake later.

2) I am still a little bit blue, but there are way more sparkly bits today. I just hit a weird pocket of yuck, I guess.  People do leave those things lying around, don't they.  Very careless.  Well, whoever was feeling depressed and passing it on to me, I hope they are almost feeling better.  I also want to say sorry again for being a morose jerk.  The world already has enough of those guys and they don't need my help mucking things up.

[Seriously, I said "bits." What is wrong with you?]

3) I got a haircut last week and it wasn't a complete disaster!  I didn't really plan on what I wanted. I just decided to do a throwback and get a reverse bob, or whatever they are called, because it seemed easiest.  The lady who cut my hair did as I asked (for once) and my hair turned out just fine. Well, I think it did, at least. As with most of my haircuts that aren't immediately recognizable as a dumpster fire, I was fine with it for a while and then basically went around with my hands on my head for a while after trying on almost all of my hats. 

I mean, it's fine.  I don't know if I'll ever just get an awesome, perfect haircut unless I wind up on one of those shows where professionals do makeovers, but it's fine.  I hate getting my hair cut and I just go wherever it's cheap, usually.  I could pay more for a haircut, but it's not a thing I like to do, so I don't want to pay a lot for it.  Does that make sense? 

It's shorter than I'd intended, though.  The lady who cut my hair (a very sweet Asian lady) said "You got curl. I cut it shorter. It stick out wrong." I agreed the first time, but not the second.  I'll stick with curl. I don't care if it stick out wrong. :)

What really prompted me to get the haircut was Steve.  I apologize for throwing him under a bus, but I'm totally going to throw him under a bus.  Y'all, it's hot as balls here in Alabama. Seriously, I don't even really know what the temperatures are on the Balls Scale, but I know we're somewhere at the high end of that.  Add to that that I'm only just now getting my feet back underneath me from jet lag and so on this particular day, I was also tired.  Me being tired and hot means I'm going bare minimum of girly. We went to grab some dinner, so I pulled on a dress and pulled my hair up into a pony tail.  While we were waiting to be served, Steve looked at me and out of nowhere said "That's not a good look for you. You look homely."  The fact that he's still walking around without black eyes is a testament to how tired I was.  So I just stood there, feeling homely, until I could go home and spare the public from my hideousness.  I guess it kind of subconsciously weighed on me, though, because I thought "Haircut!" about a week later.  So I get the haircut and had just come to terms with it (i.e. had taken my hands off of my head) when Steve comes home.  He says "Oh, you got a haircut!  Don't worry, it'll grow back.  You know, if you went to a real salon, it wouldn't end up looking like that."  Sigh.  At least I have a lot of hats.

Oh, well, he's bald, so what does he know? ; )  

4) Today is World Chocolate Day and I haven't had any chocolate yet.  I need to remedy this.  Would anyone happen to be going to Belgium today?  I have a shopping list for you. 

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