Friday, March 13, 2009

(I'm starting to sound like a writer with ADD or something.)

Sorry I haven't been writing more. I mean, I KNOW you are suffering from lack of updates on my life and everything! :) Actually, there just hasn't been that much to write about. Everything's been kind of mellow lately. Let's see...what's been going on.

1) Steve and I watched the entire series (so far) of How I Met Your Mother so we could catch up with Anthony, who loves it. It's actually a really good show! I'd forgotten how refreshing it can be to watch a good old sitcom every now and again! It's got the same kind of vibe as "Friends" did, but you rarely want to punch any of these characters in the solar plexus.

2) I talked to Josh the other day and he is doing well. He's on spring break from his religious classes this week. Hmmmm, I wonder what friars do on spring break? I have ideas... :)

3) We are getting our cabinets and counter tops redone sometime soon! Yay! I've had issues with our kitchen cabinets since I moved in, mainly because the latches would stop latching and the doors wouldn't stay closed. Of course, and I didn't find out about it until later, Steve came in and stole one of the latches to keep a door shut someplace else in the house. I almost went crazy slamming that stupid door trying to keep it shut before he told me that the latch wasn't even in there anymore! We have to go and meet with the design lady and tell her what we want, and then we're going to have to tear out our existing cabinets. Anybody want to come over with a sledgehammer and take out some frustrations? :) This will finally give me a reason to clean out all of the old food and stuff that is up there. Don't get grossed out, it's only cabinet food and nothing moldy, but I have a feeling some of it has hidden in corners for almost as long as I've been in the house!

4) I can't seem to get warm today! We had the heat on this morning, and I had two blankets and three pillows over me, but I still didn't get warm. I wish I could type with gloves on. Stupid weird weather!

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Sara U said...

HIMYM is my favorite show! The first 3 seasons on DVD was my V-Day present. We TIVO it and watch it every single week. We also really like The United States of Tara....just a suggestion!