Thursday, August 26, 2010


1) The week started off on a sad note for my nephew, Logan. Two of his friends were killed in a car accident on Monday. I feel so sorry for him, because I remember I was about his age when one of my best friends and her sister were killed in an accident and how hard it was to deal with. It's always difficult for kids to deal with death, especially when it happens to someone their own age. So sad. Let's keep the families and friends of these boys in our prayers. It's going to be tough for them all for a long time.

2) On a happier note... Steve bought an iPad and thus far, I'm loving it! He uses it mainly for reading and I use it for everything else! Granted, it's basically just a larger version of the iPod Touch I've had for 4 or so years, but it has still been a lot of fun to play with. It has an app that allows me to "finger paint" and then post my drawings directly to Twitter. I've basically been drawing my Tweets instead of writing them, which I hope isn't annoying my very few followers. I'm having fun doing it, though. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you only get 140 characters if you type. I'm clearly coming out ahead!

3) I found a new song that I like a great deal, but it is full of very bad language. It isn't fair! It's got a funky, old-school Motown sound, which I love, and I wish very much that it was appropriate for listening to without ear phones. I won't even post a link to it, because I don't want to be responsible for anyone accidentally playing it while kids or easily offended mee-maws are around, but it's called...uh... "F**K You" by Cee Lo Green in case you want to look it up on YouTube or something. It's a great break up song, too. I will not be held responsible for pearl clutching, so don't listen to it unless you are prepared to hear cursing! You know who you are!

4) I've been making jewelry and things like crazy this week and I have a whole lot of new stuff to give to the lady at church! Unfortunately, it's going to take me ages to make the packaging and display cards. That's my least favorite part of it all because it's so tedious. I am also doing some freelance graphic design! Woot! It's unpaid, of course, but I'm at least going to be able to put it in my portfolio which is practically empty at this point. I would have a lot more for my portfolio, but I didn't really think to pull anything from my network folder before I was let go and that was where my artwork was stored. I contacted one of my former coworkers to have him send me some of my files, but he said my folder was gone. Whahuh? Did they nuke everything I did out of existence? Certainly they just relocated my files, because that folder was 5 years worth of signage and things. Even if I sucked as bad at my job as they said, I would think they would at least have saved the stuff to show the new lady who got the job what NOT to do. Ugh, if nothing else, I hope they saved the vectors I made of the aircraft schematics. That took months to finish. Of course, now I feel like a complete idiot for not pulling things for my portfolio as I went along, but there is nothing to do now but start over. Oh well...I'm a graphic artist, so going back to the drawing board is just part of the job, right? :)

5) Speaking of making things, I'm on my 231st hat! Technically, I'm still behind if I'm going to make one for every day, but my nifty circular knitting machine helps catch me up when I get too far behind. The hats it makes are very, very simple, but will be perfect for the charity as long as the yarn cooperates. It doesn't always, you know. I'm running low on yarn I can use, though, so another trip to Hobby Lobby is in store. I'm going there a lot these days. At this point, I feel like the cashiers should yell "NORM!" when I come through the doors.

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a picture is worth a thousand words, but you only get 140 characters if you type. I'm clearly coming out ahead!