Sunday, February 13, 2011


1) I'm currently typing this entry on the new iMac that Steve got me for my birthday! It replaced the old one from 2005 that was on it's last legs, technologically. I don't normally talk about the gifts I get from people, so I apologize if it's tacky to be excited and talk about it. It is completely awesome, and the screen is 27". I don't think he meant to order a screen this big, but that's OK with me. It has all kinds of updated programs and I had forgotten what it was like to have programs that would actually save files. Since my last iMac crashed like the Hindenburg, it has been good for nothing except getting on the Internet. Also, and this was the most surprising part, when we did the file transfer, all of the files that I couldn't access on the old computer came back! I now have access to a lot of the graphic files from my digital portfolio that were lost to me before. I don't know how they were recovered, but I choose to believe Jesus had them on a backup drive for me. After all, Jesus saves. (Boooooooooooo)

2) Speaking of portfolios...oy vey. Remember when I had the job interview and had to scramble to find some graphics, any graphics, that I could scrape together for my portfolio? Steve and I stayed up late printing and mounting the stupid things so that I'd have something to show the people. I was embarrassed about my anemic portfolio, but I took everything I had over to them. It was difficult to try and explain my skill level when the most impressive thing I had in the folder was the Hogwarts banner images I had done for the theater at the Sprocket (ptooey).

While I was cleaning up my office (a task that was more than overdue) I found an older portfolio that was wedged behind my filing cabinet. I opened it up, thinking I would just clean it out and see if there was any presentation boards that I could reuse, and I found over a dozen pieces of my work that I had mounted for some reason. It was actual, useful stuff too, like movie tickets, ads, posters and other things that actually show that I know my way around the Adobe suite! My portfolio is now packed full of actual, good-quality stuff that I can show potential employers. Now I don't have to feel embarrassed about what I can show them! I can take out some of the stuff I was iffy about without worrying that I am making an already scant presentation even scantier. I am not, however, removing the Wookie Crossing sign that I put in there. It is my magnum opus. :)

3) I am still on the road to recovery, thanks for asking, but I found out that it can take up to a month or longer to completely get over this crud. Bluh. I'm at the feeling-like-poo-hot-&-cold-flashes-falling-asleep-in-odd-places-because-I-can't-stay-awake phase, but at least I can almost breathe like a normal person as long as I'm not talking or singing or doing anything strenuous! Silver linings, right? Right. Silver freaking linings.

4) I got my hair cut a couple of days ago, and the lady who did it was not the same girl who usually cuts my hair. She cut my bangs crooked. She cut my bangs above my left eye and over to my right eyebrow one length, and she must have had a stroke or something, because starting at the right eyebrow and over, the rest of my bangs were 1/4 an inch longer. It wasn't even as if she angled my hair. It was all like -------------________. I didn't notice until I got into the car because I didn't have her dry my hair since I was going straight home afterward, but it was so ridiculously uneven that I couldn't even be mad about it. It was just funny. So when I got home, I got my sharpest scissors and did my best to even them up. They aren't exact, but they are closer than they were before. I'm just glad I have a lot of hats to hide under until it's time to get my hair cut again. I could have gone back, but I was too tired, and I figure that it didn't matter anyways. Nobody looks at me!

5) I'm finally trying to learn to play the guitar! I hope I can learn anyway, because I've always wanted to be able to play, but I don't know if I will ever be very good. I can't wrap my brain around chord processions. I do know how to make an E, G, and C chord, but I can't seem to go from one to the other without stopping in between. I want to learn to play so badly!!!!!!!!!!! "I've got blisters on me fingers!"

6) I've finally gotten started on my steampunk costume for the Atlanta Steampunk in the Park event Steve and I are going to for Amy's birthday! I'm so excited!! So far, all I have is my hat, but honestly, my hat is awesome. My mom said it reminded her of "that guy who plays the piano and wears the funny glasses." I happen to think it's a cross between Slash, Richard Petty and Liberace.

Don't be alarmed about the corset. That is not a part of my costume. That is just what my duct tape dress form wears to cover its shame. I still have some sewing to do, but I think my costume will turn out nicely. I'm just excited to have a legitimate reason to wear a costume!

7) I hate my CPAP. I have yet to wake up with that "I've slept all night without suffocating" feeling that everyone promised me! In fact, I keep taking it off in my sleep, so I've got to figure out how to keep it on, even if I'm pulling on it while in Crazy Town. I'm not sure what happened last night, but I do remember waking up, standing by my bed and screaming that it was trying to smother me as I yanked it off of my face. So far, not so good! If I can't manage to keep it on, my doctor is going to have me strapped down like Hannibal Lechter.

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