Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Well, it wasn't the CPAP machine after all.

After a concerned friend sent me a message telling me to go to the doctor (apparently, chest pressure can be a bad sign heart-wise) I decided to take his advice and visit the local doc-in-the-box. My breathing had gotten worse and my chest had started to hurt, so I hoped I wouldn't pass out in the waiting room or anything. Luckily, I was taken back surprisingly fast.

After a Stone Cold Steve Austin lookalike nurse took my vitals, I was poked, prodded, bled and x-rayed. Lots of fun, that. They ran some lab work and voila! I was diagnosed.

Turns out I have walking pneumonia. Nice, eh? That is why I can't breathe. It's not as bad as when Steve had pneumonia, but still...gross.

I was really not expecting to them find anything, so when the doctor came in and told me I said "SAY WHAT?!" She probably thought I was reacting strangely, but the only thing further from my mind was her telling me I had monkey-pox or something.

Now I have 4 lovely prescriptions to take, and I can't be around people when not necessary. I also need to be very careful who I spit on, because I can spread my filthy, filthy germs that way.

I am very, very grateful to have friends who care enough about me to scare the crap out of me, because otherwise I might have gotten much sicker and made a lot of other people sick too. :)


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Yikes! I am so sorry! I had pneumonia in college, and I know how you feel. :( I prayed for you about it last night