Monday, May 16, 2011


'Allo! I'm finally back in the south and trying to readjust my sleeping patterns! Enjoy!

Las Vegas, Nevada!

May 8, 2011

This morning, Steve & I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and hustled over to Mr. lee's house so that we could start our adventure! We had been discussing another trip out west for a couple of years now, and since Mr. Lee had signed up to do one of those "Please buy a timeshare" spiels, we decided to begin our trip in Las Vegas this week!

We had no problem with our flight out of Huntsville, and we even had a fairly easy time with our flight from Atlanta. The flight was full and our seats were in the very back of the plane.  Sitting in the back doesn't bother me, but it must bother other people quite badly. These old biddies sitting behind us, who had apparently only made it onto our flight on a stand by list, complained a lot about where they were seated. It really got on my nerves! Add to that the fact that they talked loud, brought smelly food onto the plane, and kept getting up and wondering around the plane. Who does that? They'd stand up and just hang out in the aisle, much to the chagrin of the flight attendants who were pulling big carts down the aisle. In fact, a lot of people just stood up and wondered around during the flight. I just kept to my seat, alternately reading, staring out of the window, and dozing off. At one point, I fell asleep and dreamed I was on a train. I woke up suddenly, my mind still convinced I was on a train, and I was looking right out of the window. The weather was very clear, so instead of seeing trees passing by, I was looking straight down on middle American farmlands at least 35, 000 feet down. I had a split second where my Crazy Town brain almost kicked in and I came within an ace of screaming. Luckily, I remembered where I was in time. I'm sure everyone appreciated that! We only had one fairly bad moment when we were landing. The winds were pretty harsh, and they were shaking the plane badly. I can get motion sick fairly easily sometimes, and even though I'd been fine up to this point, it hit me quickly. The absolute last thing I want to do is barf on a plane, so I grabbed for my backpack which had a bag of candied ginger in it. It's the only thing I've ever known that can stop nausea cold. Unfortunately, the man sitting in front of me had kept his his seat leaned back practically in my lap the whole flight, and my backpack was wedged under it. It was close, and I probably should have just horked on his head to teach him some traveling manners, but with one almighty heave (no pun intended) I hauled my backpack up and got to the ginger in time. Again, I'm sure everyone appreciated that!

We landed and managed to get onto the tram that would take us to the baggage claim area. It took us to the big part of the airport, where all of the shops and things are.  We had to walk a long way, and once we were almost there, we had to descend a set of stairs. Well, there was a set of stairs and a down escalator, but for some insane reason, I chose to use the stairs. I was doing fine, thinking to myself that if I had known how steep the stairs were, I wouldn't have used them, when my ankle turned. I heard a crunch and I went down. I managed to only fall down two of the stairs and catch myself by the hand rail before I went all the way down, but the damage had been done. I didn't fall far, but I fell hard. I ended up sitting on the stairs, with people going by asking if I was ok, and I managed to get up and walk, but my ankle was borked. I could walk, but it felt like cold needles were racing up and down my leg with every step. By the time we had gotten to our rental car, I knew it was sprained pretty badly. Unfortunatey, there was nothing I could do about it.  We couldn't check into our hotel yet, so we went to a little independant Mexican place and grabbed lunch (the food was amazing, by the way), and since we had planned to go to Hoover Dam to see the new bridge, I climbed a lot of stairs and walked almost all of the way across the bridge before I had to stop. We made it back to the car, and stopped a couple of times along the dam to take pictures, which didn't do my ankle any favors. I was tough, though, and kept my whining to a minimum! :)

We had to stop at Wal-mart and pick up a few things, so I got a lovely ankle brace to keep me from making things worse. So that's great. I'm on a walking/hiking vacation, and I managed to hurt myself first thing.

We are staying in a really nice place, one of the Hyatt Grand Vacation resorts right on the Las Vegas strip! Our room is on the 36th floor, and I haven't made myself look out of window yet. :) I felt like a homeless person when we first came into the place because we were hauling all of our luggage and a cooler when we waked in, and we had that grungy "we've been traveling all day" look. With all of these well dressed people walking around, I felt like one of the Beverly Hillbillies.

We didn't go out and do anything tonight because we we're all so tired and we have all day tomorrow to look around, so we just got room service and are hanging out in the room. Pratts Gone Wild, indeed.


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