Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Guess who's picture you'll see if you do a Google Image Search for "Sexy Girl in FFA Uniform*?"

Granted, I realize that me popping up on that search has more to do with the "Girl In FFA Uniform" part than the "Sexy" part, but still...that is the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

I was prompted to look it up when I got that phrase as a referrer on my web tracker and had to check it out.

Everything else aside, the fact that someone, somewhere typed that into a search engine because they wanted to find sexy girls in FFA uniforms is a little disturbing, isn't it?  I'd imagine that is one very specific, very niche kink for someone to have.

I mean, the corduroy alone...

So to whomever typed that in and found my picture...I'm sorry that you only found me. 

Now go get therapy.  Immediately.

*I may be off the page now, but I was there earlier today. 

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Amy said...

I predict Sexy Future Farmer of America will be the next HAWT Halloween costume for 2012!