Friday, December 02, 2011

A Quicky

I've got things to talk about...oh yes.  But believe it or not, I'm busy.  Freelancing, plus Christmas time stuff, makes Kelly a dull blogger.  However, I had to share this bit of frustrating minutia:

I was flossing, as I have obsessively done since the root canal 3 years ago, and the dental floss caught in between two of my molars and broke.  Not only did it break, a wad of it got wedged in between those teeth and refused to move.  I grabbed another strand of floss, thinking I'd just floss out the first bit of floss, but the wedged floss was in there so tight that I couldn't get the new floss in between my teeth to get it out.  The new strand snapped in half when I tried!

I was then in the strange position of getting dental floss stuck in between my teeth, while flossing my teeth, and being unable to floss the floss out from between my teeth with more floss.  (Yo, Dawg...)

Huh.  However, the story has a happy ending!

Luckily, I have a permanent wire appliance glued to the back of my top teeth to correct the hillbilly gap I was born with, and I remembered I had a handful of those blue, plastic floss threaders that look like flat embroidery needles.  I was able to go in from above the stuck floss and get it out.

Dental hygiene shouldn't be this complicated.

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