Saturday, December 03, 2011


1) I hate my cell phone.  I hate it so hard.  If it weren't for the abject fear of something bad happening to someone I love and me not being reachable to be told, only to find out about it on the news or something later on, I'd burn it and dance around the flames like a pagan.  Blerg.  Sorry, that was a bit dramatic, wasn't it!  :)  Actually, I just don't like cell phones in general.  Past the point of being a good emergency tool or whatever, I just think they're intrusive.  I also think that they have caused the public at large to forget basic manners.  Honestly, has anyone noticed how it is now completely acceptable to ignore people around you while people watch movies, or play video games, while sitting in a restaurant? What about having loud conversations (not important ones) while walking around a store?  I'm not even counting myself out of this, because I've done it too. have to keep the stupid things charged all of the time!  GAH!  I think that's what has brought on my hatred of my cell phone, in truth.  I don't use my phone that often anymore, and because I'm not constantly looking at it, sometimes the battery just dies without me noticing.  That's usually when someone calls or sends me a text message and when I don't see it for a couple of days it just looks like I'm ignoring them when I'm not! 

Yes, this rant was brought on by the fact that one of my aunts (who doesn't normally call me) called me and left a message to call her back and I had no idea until I charged my phone.  Even the voice mail didn't tell me when she called, so she probably thinks I'm avoiding her.  Now I'm sitting here, waiting for a decent time to call her back.

(All the other ranty stuff I said above is still true, but today my ire is because of the battery thing.  I just figured if I'm going to rant about my phone, I'd just get in all of the salient points.)

2)  We had a lovely Thanksmas, thanks for asking!  There was lots of cooking, which I enjoy immensely, presents and great food at Greg & Kristin's place, and Jon and Amy took us on an adventure to the Mall of Georgia and to a place called H-Mart in Duluth (YOU CAN'T HANDLE DULUTH!).  H-Mart is a giant, Asian grocery store with all manner of interesting things I'd never seen before!  My only issue with the place stemmed from their meat section.  Along with the things I'm used to were things I didn't know people would, or could, eat.  It was like a menu from the Leatherface Cafe or something!  I don't mean to sound culturally insensitive...but why would anyone want to eat a pig uterus?  Steve and I had fun picking out lots of strange (to us, anyways) snacks and things to take home with us. We watched the Iron Bowl too, and I cheered for Alabama on behalf of my dad.  I think I've realized it just makes me sad to watch Bama play, though.  It just reminds me of Papa and how much he enjoyed it. I miss him a lot.

Also, and hold on to your shorts people...I held a baby that didn't scream or vomit on me!  WOOOT!  You have no idea how rare that is.  Jack is a sweet baby. :)  Also, he probably just thought I was his mom because I look so much like her.  I say that with apologies to Kristin, of course...I hope she isn't offended.

3) I am an idiot.

OK, you don't have to agree so heartily, you know.  :(

Heh, actually, I actually did a very stupid thing yesterday that makes me feel like an idiot.  I was in Target looking for a watch battery.  My watch has the battery number on the back of it, but the number didn't match any of the numbers on the packaging.  Brilliant me decided to pull out my Swiss Army knife and pry the back of the watch off so that I could look at the battery itself.  I thought it would be fairly easy to do, but the knife blade skipped and sliced partially through the pad of my thumb on my left hand.  I honestly had no idea that the knife was sharp enough to actually cut anything!  For some reason I kept trying to pry the back of my watch off for another few seconds (probably because I was really invested by this point) but my hand started to bleed too much, so I had to rummage around in my purse for a wet-nap.  I managed not to bleed on anything, but we had to go to the pharmacy and buy band-aids and Neosporin. 

I never managed to figure out what kind of battery I needed, so to add insult to injury, my watch is still running slow.

4) We had a "Hanging of the Greens" thing at our church today!  It was the first time we've ever done anything like that before and it was very nice!  We had a lot of good music and now the sanctuary looks very festive.  I had no idea what to expect from a "Hanging of the Greens" but quite literally, we hung up garland and wreaths, and lit the Christmon it was aptly named!

Now I'm super tired, though. We didn't get a chance to come home in between services today because we were working to get the Christmon tree assembled and decorated.  We also had to figure out how to make some of the christmons last another year until I can go back and remake them.  Some of the large symbols are completely falling apart, and we had to wire them together so that they'd stay on the tree.  The big ornaments were made by my late, great mother-in-law, so they are very special to people in the church and they hate to replace them, but if they want to keep having a Christmon tree, they will have to be remade.  I'm lucky they want me to do it.  Keeping it in the family, I suppose.  I'm hoping to update them a little bit and make them more sturdy, but I have to get the book so that I know what each symbol entails.  I'll have all of next year to work on them, so hopefully I can make them look nice!  :)

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