Monday, May 08, 2017


My brother's surgery went well and he's finally home and resting.  I'm sure he's still sore and he doesn't seem to feel all that great, but I'm sure when someone goes rooting around in your insides with a robot, it's going to take a bit of a toll on you.

We stayed at the hospital for what seemed like forever on Friday and poor Tommy was not happy when he woke up in a strange place.  The staff was very kind to them, though, and he was well taken care of.  He had to stay an extra day due to some slight concerns, but they let him go home Sunday afternoon with no problems.  My mom said that when she got him home, and he'd had time to sleep a while, she walked into his room and he woke up.  He looked around, looked at her, and smiled really big because he seemed to realize that he was finally at home! :)  He's still got several weeks of recovery time, but as of right now, he's doing well.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch to check up on him, and who prayed and sent happy thoughts and all of that.  I really appreciate it and I'm sure the rest of my family does too!

PS: I met the doctor who did his surgery and he seemed very nice, but I can't help but picture him using the controls of the surgical robot like he was playing an Xbox!  I hope be topped his high score, at least.

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