Monday, May 22, 2017


I stayed in bed for a long time this morning. This is a luxury I afford myself on days when I can and I recommend it! I kept myself entertained, though. :)  Today was going to be my "Figure Things Out Day" and so I lay in bed looking online for things to do and at subway times and things like that. I was thinking of exploring Short Hills today, but there isn't a lot for me here.  It's a lovely place, but it is a smallish town where people mostly work and live and not a place with a lot of interest for someone who doesn't live here. There is a huge mall across the street, though, which I decided to check out and do a bit of unnecessary shopping!

I embarrassed myself starting out, because I asked the concierge if I could walk there. "Sure," she says "just walk down the ramp to the crosswalk and go across."  "OK! I say, having no idea what ramp or which direction.  I walked four different ways, hoping that something remotely resembling a crosswalk would appear, but alas...  I finally had to go back in and ask again, feeling like a supreme idiot, and the other concierge walked me to the door and pointed down the second road I'd tried to walk down.  Apparently I didn't see the crosswalk because the lines were faded. Oops.  I was embarrassed, but he seemed good natured about it. Oy.

The mall is of those places with lots of seriously designer stores and expensive jewelry shops inside, so I spent a lot of time just looking through windows. I certainly can't afford Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, and even if I could, they don't make things in my size, so I did a lot of walking and not shopping at first.  I also got my first in-person look at a lot of designer clothes that showed me that just because people have money doesn't mean that they have taste! Haha! Seriously, a LOT of it was ugly. Like, clown ugly. I do not understand. I did get to hold a Christian Louboutin shoe in my hand, and it cost two of my paychecks, so I put it down very carefully and walked away slowly! Haha!  The only place I really wanted to go into but didn't was Tiffany & Co. which is one of my favorite fancy jewelers, and they do have relatively affordable silver jewelry, but there were no less than 8 sales people in there and no customers, and I didn't want to have to talk to anyone who would ultimately be disappointed that I wasn't going to buy anything, so I just passed on by.

I walked around until I got to the part of the mall that looked familiar, as in, I have seen these stores and can afford things in them. I did a little shopping, but nothing outrageous. I kept getting turned around in the bigger stores, and people kept having to help me find my way out. Big stores are haaaaaaaaard, I guess.  I did find a fancy candy store, a Lush, wherein I found some lovely smelling things and while in Bloomingdales I discovered  (in the lowest level of the store, in the home goods section no less) the place where they sold clothes for people of my size. Nice, huh? I'm not to the point where I need to buy clothes at Chattanooga Tent & Awning or anything like that, but literally, I think I found the only place I could buy clothes in that whole store!  What?!  Of course I bought something, because I'm a basic heifer and I wanted a Bloomingdale's brown bag, so I shopped in the basement!  I got out of there before someone could put me in a cage and show me off as a freak of nature, though.

When Steve came back from work, we had just enough time to clean up before we had dinner with his coworker, who is a very nice guy.   He's younger than we are and madly in love with his wife, and we had some fun conversation with him over food at The Cheesecake Factory.  He jokingly shamed me for NOT getting cheesecake after dinner, so he's basically a man after my own heart. :) 

Steve had a lot of work to do after we got back to our room.  He's very busy on several different projects and he has to extra homework after his regular work, so we are each doing our own thing for now.  Although all I really did was shop and eat today, I enjoyed it. 

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