Saturday, September 12, 2009


1) This is Spot, the cat I told you about. She is a sweetie, but she is starting to get a bit too comfortable around here. She somehow keeps getting into the house, even when we are careful. If she wasn't so cute, I'd...well... OK, who am I kidding, I wouldn't do anything. I just wish the stinking cat would stay outside. Oh, and I'm fairly certain she has been barfing on our walkway just to spite us! If you look closely where she is laying, you can see the outline of what was once our welcome mat. We had to throw it away when she "gifted" us with the remains of a partially eaten bird. Wow, thanks, Spot!

2) This is Gary. You can tell by his face that he doesn't feel all of the cuteness and rubbing all over us is necessary. He just wants the food. I've tried petting him, and sometimes he'll let me, but mostly he's just all about the noms. Secretly, I think he's the one who told Spot to puke on our walkway.

3) These are the grapes I pickled the other day. As I've said, they are very yummy! The yellow things are mustard seeds. Mainly, I just really liked how the concord grapes looked in this photo and wanted to share!

4) Mr. Lee grows things. Lots of things. Mainly, he grows things that he can eat, and apparently this year his muscadines* and scuppernongs* were very fruitful (heh, pun). He asked me if I thought I could do something with some of his extra grapes, and since I've been interested in learning how to make and can jelly, I agreed. I was thinking he'd send me a couple of baggies of them, but he sent about 10 pounds or more of these suckers my way. I had no idea he was sending so many! I've been up to my armpits in these things this weekend, and I've been making jelly all darn day. That is another story though. They were beautiful. I know you can't tell from that photo, but the colors on these things were amazing. I think I spent an unusual amount of time just looking at them!

*I found out on Saturday night that these were not just regular grapes like I originally thought. Although they are a type of grape, apparently these are specific to the American Southeast and much better for you nutritionally. Go figure.

PS: Steve has been on a binge of watching Andromeda. I've come to hate this show with the heat of a thousand brilliantly shining suns. Just FYI.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your grapes. Those two varieties make some of the best jelly I have ever eaten. Dad grows them too and they make jelly with it every year. I rarely buy jelly in the store anymore.


amy said...

I am envious. I am crazy crazy crazy about muscadines and scuppernongs. Send them here. They will be scuppernoms.