Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today, while Steve and I were talking, the subject of building styles came up. He was asking me why people didnt have houses built in genuine old styles, if historical buildings are so popular. I was explainig that people build historical style buildings all the time. I said, "I mean, they still build Tudor style houses, and..." but he interrupted me, asking "What does that mean?" I explained that it was a style from Tudor England. He still didn't understand, so I said, "You know, buildings like they had during the reign of Henry VIII." He still didn't get it, so I explained that Tudor was the family name of King Henry VIII.

He got quiet for a minute and said, "Wait, is that who the show 'The Tudors' was about?" I said that it was.

He said "Oh, I thought it was about the people who taught the royal children."

There was more, but I was laughing too hard to listen.

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