Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How was your Independence Day?  I hope it was lovely! Mine was...uneventful for the most part. I'd made plans, but all the world and time got in the way.  I'm beginning to think I have terrible time management issues! 

One of my Aunts has a house on the river and she was having her annual get together that day.  I was thinking of going there, but with sleeping late, Steve's plans changing twice, and a surprise band concert that Steve swears he told me about (but I don't remember it) I ended up staying in Huntsvegas for the day.  I kind of feel bad for not going because I never see my family anymore and I miss them!  Honestly, both sides of my family are very dear to me, but I hardly see them at all anymore.  I really do love them, but I bet they don't think so!  Heehee.  It's all my fault, of course, but stuff happens! Oh well...hopefully when I DO get to see them again, they'll remember who I am.  :) 

Anyway, as I said, Steve had a Madison Community Band performance at Bridge Street.  You know, that posh shopping area where chubby women can't buy clothes.  There were TONS of people there that day because Bridge Street always holds a fireworks show on the 4th, and everyone comes fairly early to get a good spot, so the band had a lot of people listening to them.  They did a really good job, and if I'd put on my brain before leaving the house, I would have remembered to take my camera to get some video of the patriotic music they played.  Everyone watching seemed to enjoy it. 

Since I'd already heard this particular set of songs, I spent a lot of time people watching.  Holy cow...some people just don't care what they wear in public anymore, do they?  I know I shouldn't say anything, because I'm not a fashion plate myself, but when I leave the house, at I at least try to look neat and modest and wear clothes that mostly fit.  Not so with some of the people walking by.  I saw things...terrible things...things that can't be unseen.  Butt cheeks, people!  There is absolutely no reason - NO REASON - for an adult (or child for that matter) to wear shorts so short that their butt cheeks hang out. Seriously.  I don't care how fit you are...it just makes you look cheap and trashy.  Also, ladies, if you have breasts larger than an A cup, please harness them. I don't care how uncomfortable you think bras are, please wear one. Think of the children!  There was one poor teenage girl I saw who apparently dressed in the dark.  She was decently covered at least, but nothing she had on made sense.  I couldn't get my brain wrapped around her outfit at all.  When I picture her in my head, she's wearing Daisy Duke shorts over a a speed-skater's leotard, with hiking boots on her feet and a big floppy shirt of some kind.  I think she was aiming for a hipster-thing outfit, but she missed.  By. A. Mile.  After that particular fashion victim, everything else seemed tame.

The concert ended with the Star Spangled Banner, of course, and I was kind of surprised that more people didn't stop while it was being played.  A lot of people did, but there were still a lot of people moving around, too.  Oh, and question for you guys:  Are you supposed to put your hand over your heart during the national anthem, or only during the Pledge of Allegiance?  I always put my hand over my heart during the song, unless I'm singing it, but I've heard that isn't necessary.  I'm honestly curious...does anyone know the proper etiquette?

After the concert, we went home.  Neither one of us wanted to have to deal with the crowds after the fireworks, so we skipped it.  I was kind of sad, because I love watching fireworks usually, but I wasn't feeling it this year.  Besides, I saw a whole week's worth in January while we were in Disney World.  Funzies. 

Once we were home, we put the dogs to bed while the bigger firework shows were going on, and we broke out the grill and cooked a couple of steaks.  Well, I say they were steaks, but they were embarrassingly big.  More like small roasts, in my opinion.  I was there when Steve bought them, but I didn't realize how huge they were until I had them in front of me.  Oy.  While they were on the grill, Steve and I shot a pack of bottle rockets he'd found in the garage.  They have to be super old, but they still lit.  After they stopped launching upwards and started chasing me around the yard, we stopped lighting them.  Also, we had a bad moment when we thought we'd set the roof on fire.  At any rate, I got a few fireworks after all!  :) 

The slabs of cow finally finished cooking and we had dinner.  I was starving by that point, because we hadn't eaten much during the day, but I think that steak almost killed me.  I didn't mean to eat the whole thing.  Hell, I didn't think I COULD eat the whole thing, but it tasted so good and I didn't stop till it was gone.  I was so full I couldn't move, so we sat around and digested until it was time for bed.  It was certainly not the healthiest way to end a day...but it was a delicious one.  :)

Good times. 

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The first half of this cinches it: we're old.