Sunday, June 26, 2011


1) Steve, Anthony and I went to a very lovely wedding yesterday!  Steve's coworker Scott Smith married his lovely bride Stephanie (so many S's) in an outdoor ceremony in Florence.  It was honestly one of the prettiest weddings I've seen in a long time.  It was small, very simple, and frigging hot.  I don't think I'll ever understand the allure of getting married outdoors in a southern summer, but hey...that's just how some people do, I guess.  The wedding was held at one of those big houses that have been re-designed to hold events, and the reception was under a big white tent in the yard.  I still didn't get to dance.  :P  It was just all just very lovely.  I may get malaria from the mosquito bites, but at least I'll have contracted it from being at a nice wedding! :)

2) Speaking of weddings, I'm singing in one two weeks from now!  It's also going to be outdoors.  (WHY?!) The song I'm singing isn't new to me, since I've done it in at least two other weddings before, but I've got this fear I'm going to screw it up!  I don't know why.  I think I'm always a bit more stressed about singing at weddings than I am when I sing at church.  Some brides, or bride's mothers (or hell, groom's mothers) will rip your face off if anything goes wrong at the wedding, even the music.  Although I don't see the bride or her mother doing this to me, even if I get up and sing a completely wrong song, I still worry.  I'm hoping that I don't mess up the words and that I don't pass out from the heat while I'm singing.  Fingers crossed, people!

3) Oh, I just wanted to clear something up, since it wasn't clear to some of you...  A couple of entries ago, I talked about a parade I went to while visiting Josh in Colorado.  Just to make it clear, I knew what kind of parade I was going to, I promise.  I just thought it would be funny to write it as if I didn't.  Just FYI!  Heehee.

4) Oh Denver, My Denver, I miss your weather.  I miss being able to go into the mountains to get snowed on, and I miss needing a jacket after the sun goes down. I miss not being a sweaty mess the instant I walk outdoors and I miss the fact that I could exercise outdoors without wishing I was dead.  I don't know if I'd like living in Denver full time, but I'd totally move there just for the lack of humidity.

5) Back to weddings for a second: Why do some grooms think it's funny to smash cake in a bride's face?!  It isn't, at all.  It didn't happen at the wedding we were at this weekend, but I was scared it would for a second.  I mean, I'm sure there are some brides out there who think it's funny, but personally I think it is one of the jerkiest things a man can do on his wedding day!  You don't spend hours on your face and hair, not to mention a stinking expensive, white dress, and want to have someone smash a pastry all over you.  Of course, when it happens, usually you have a woman trying not to cry or look pissed while she's wiping icing out of her eyelashes, and that's just sad.  Any man who'd do that deserves to be taken out behind the reception hall and beaten by the bride's closest male relatives.  Yes, I feel strongly about it!  :P

6) Our yard looks insane right now.  I cut it a couple of weeks ago, when it was super dry outside, and I actually thought the grass was dead for a while.  Our whole lawn was brown and looked scalped. With all the rain that's been going on for the past week or so, now it looks like a rain forest.  Our lawn kind of always looks crazy, though, because our stupid weed eater sucks and we can't edge worth a poo.  It runs on this hoss battery that only stays charged for about 5 minutes at a time, so even if you start trying to get around the edges of things, you can't possibly get it all done before the battery runs out.  It's like our whole yard needs a bikini wax.

7) I had to get yet another new breathing machine.  I'm about ready to give up on breathing at night and just take my chances. I had to have a periodic card scan by the medical supply place, which keeps up with usage to prove I'm using it so that insurance will continue paying for the machine.  Apparently, I had been wearing it for less than an hour at a time before I pulled it off, which is not good enough for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  I don't blame them for that, but I wasn't pulling it off on purpose, so I had to call the doctor and explain the deal.  Now I'm on the same kind of machine I was on in the first place for the next two weeks, only with the air ratcheted up another 4 notches, and I'm still pulling it off in my sleep!  My personal opinion is that the air pressure is too high, which makes me feel like I'm smothering.  I believe this, because the times I've woken up enough to be conscious of what I'm doing, all I have to do is hit the "ramp" button to turn the air down again and I can sleep fine.  However, since I didn't go to medical school, my opinion is rather useless.  I also think if I could have a mask that didn't make me feel like I was out hunting minocs, I'd sleep better.  The thing is so awkward and I keep getting tangled in the hose. I hate it.  Anyway, so we'll see how this works.  I'd love to have all of that wonderful oxygen at night so that I can be energetic the next day, but at this point I don't think any of it is working.  It is so very frustrating!

8) I wish I had more interesting stuff to talk about, but I've only been home for 5 days and nothing of note has happened.  :) 

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