Wednesday, June 01, 2011


1) You know, I realize I should have ended my story about traveling out west with a bang, but the last couple of days of our trip were a bit anticlimactic. We drove back to Las Vegas, hung out in a giant electronic store called "Fry's" for a while, found our hotel, ordered in very generous portions of food from a local Italian restaurant, and watched TV.  Our return flight was at an ungodly early hour, so we only slept for a while before getting up and heading back to the airport.  The pill I take to keep from freaking out when I fly put me to sleep before we got out off of the runway, so I missed the exciting take off portion of the trip.  In conclusion, we had a really great time, so I'm glad we got to go on our wild west adventure!!  You guys should totally go out there.

2) Congratulations are in order for my bestie Sara!  She and Ron are now engaged!  Woot!  Her ring is gorgeous, too.  See:
You don't wear a ring like this. You signal ships with it!  :)

Anyways, I'm very happy for them both!  Congrats!  May your lives be happy, your in-laws be tolerable,  and your wedding cake NOT end up on Cake Wrecks!

3) Last week, Steve was gone on a business trip, so I was alone and doing my own thing.  You'd think since I'm doing the housewifey bit right now, it wouldn't change my daily schedule too much when he's out of town. However, if he's not here and I don't have to make dinner at any certain time or make sure he's got clean pants or whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing, I just throw everything to the winds and do what I want.  It's my chance to watch what I want on TV, have meals when I feel like it, and walk around with no pants on if that's what I want to do.  :)  

While he was gone, I got into the habit of watching the ID (Investigation Discovery) channel.  I didn't seek that channel out on purpose, but I turned it on for background noise and got interested.  If you aren't familiar with the ID channel, it's basically the channel with shows about true crime, murders, and forensics.  I'll be honest, it isn't the best channel to watch if you're home alone.  Especially when most of the shows begin with shots of blurred crime scene photos with a voice over saying something like "The Hoboken Ax Fiend crept into her house while she was alone, murdered her with his dull blade, and violated her mutilated corpse."  Yeah...nightmare fuel, but it was morbidly fascinating.   I slept with many weapons that week.  Probably none of them would have been useful in a real situation, but they made me feel safe! 

4) Speaking of the ID channel, I watched a lot of shows where the spouse or parent of the victim was charged with the murder.  Now, I'm sure some of them were actually guilty of what they were accused of, and I'm sure that the juries who decided the outcomes heard a lot more evidence of what was going on than what the television showed, but some of the trials where people were sentenced to death or life in prison seemed to leave lots of room for doubt in whether or not the people were actually guilty.  One of the things I noticed over and over again was that the detectives, police, and jury members would say "Well, I felt they were guilty because he/she didn't ACT like a grieving parent/spouse. They laughed and didn't act the way a person who has just lost someone would act."  That bothered me.

People react differently in times of stress and grief, right?  I'd probably be doomed if I was in that situation, because I don't think I behave in what is -apparently- the "right" way when I'm sad.  I hate crying, or even seeming upset, in front of other people. So even when things are very bad, I try hard not to cry and I kind of get goofy and make inappropriate jokes and laugh at stupid things.  When I'm finally alone, I cram myself into the smallest place I can find and cry till I get a nose bleed.  That's just how I deal with really bad things.  If anyone saw me, or questioned me, before I got to cram myself into a small place, they'd probably think I had something to do with it.  That's a scary thought!

5) I'm supposed to be helping with VBS again this year, but I have no idea what is going on yet.  I mean, I know I'm running the sound board and taking pictures like last year, but I know I'm supposed to be doing other stuff as well and I haven't been told anything yet.  That makes me nervous!  I like to be mentally prepared! Boo.

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