Saturday, June 18, 2011


June 17, 2011

Today was a very low key day, but still quite fun!

We had planned to go on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory (shut up, I wanted to see!) but those plans got kind of derailed.  It wasn't a terrible thing, though, because Josh and Jeoff were helping out a friend and things just took a little longer than we thought they would.  :)

Josh, Jeoff and I drove to an apartment complex to pick up Joel, one of their friends.  He was having some work done on his car, so Josh took Joel to have that done and I was once again left me in Jeoff's capable hands.  Since they had invited some friends over for a get together, we went to King Supers and picked up food for the party.  We brought everything home and put it away and then just hung out and watched CNN news for a while.  Jeoff and I made fun of people that were being reported, which was a lot of fun!  We thought that Josh would be back soon, but time just kept spinning out.  Since we had waited so long and hadn't eaten, we finally just jumped in the car and went out to Earl's Sandwich Shop, which has some AMAZING sandwiches!  Unfortunately, the shop was closing, so we got our sammies to go and drove back to Joel's apartment and ate there.

We left and went to a gigantic liquor store to pick up some wine for the party.  I'd never seen anything like this place before.  It was huge!  It was like a Wal-Mart for alcoholics or something.  I've never seen a liquor store where people had shopping lists!  They also had shopping carts!  There was so very much alcohol.  I enjoyed walking around and looking at the bottles and labels.  I believe that there are a lot of beautiful bottle and label designs for alcohol, so even though I wasn't interested in buying anything, I still enjoyed looking.  I got carded because I was with people who were buying wine.  Since my I.D. is from out of state, it gets looked at much more closely.  Of course, for some reason people out here think I'm much, much younger than I really am too, but I'm not going to complain about that!

We finally got home and started getting ready for the party!  I employed my culinary talents to cut up veggies for a tray, and everyone else did the hard stuff.  The people who came over were predominately Jeoff's friends, and they were all really nice!  The guests kind of came in two waves, so we almost had two separate parties.  It was fun, though.  I met a lot of great people that I liked a lot!

I did have one unfortunate moment when someone asked me where I was from.  When I said Huntsville, she immediately said "Huntsville? That's where Antoine Dotson is from, right?!"  Seriously, people in my town sent humans to the moon, but when you say Huntsville, all they can think of is that guy.  Oy Freaking Vey.

Now we're all so exhausted, so I'm about to head off to bed!  Tomorrow is another adventure!

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