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June 15, 2011

Wow, I think this is the most travel blogging I've ever done in a span of 6 months before!

I woke up this morning at an ungodly hour and headed to the airport!  I finally took my long awaited trip to visit Josh! Yay! I've been telling him I'd come and visit him in Denver for the longest time, but one thing and another was keeping me from going.  Finally, I just bit the bullet and bought a plane ticket!  I'm so glad I did!  :)

The flight was early, but really kind of uneventful.  I paid a bit extra to get a seat in something called Economy Plus, which seems to be the section of the plane where the seats aren't smashed up against each other.  Luckily, no one had bought the seat beside me, so I was able to stretch out a little bit.  My only problem was the kid behind me kept kicking my seat, but I didn't think reaching behind me and ripping off his tibia would go over too well with his parents, so I endured it.  :)  When we began our landing approach, I had a bad moment of thinking something was really wrong and we were going to have to land in a field or something because I could NOT see the airport!  However, I was just in a weird section of the plane, I guess, because the airport was there and it was HUGE.

After I landed and got my bags, Josh picked me up in the Chick Magnet and we drove towards his new place!  I love his house a lot!  It is in a section of Denver that is being gentrified, and I think it may be a remodeled tenement house, but it is gorgeous!  It's urban and kind of hip without being pretentious!  Just like Josh!  Heehee.

After I got settled and changed into cooler clothes (Denver is really hot) he took me on a whirlwind, and if you know how Josh drives that isn't too far from the truth, driving tour through the city.  We were going to go on a walk down the 16th street mall, which is a long street lined with shops and restaurants, street performers and non-profit workers who jump on your face and ask for money.  They were nice people, but hell if I'm going to hand over my credit card information to people standing on a street corner. Yikes.

Josh tried to kill me right off my making me walk up a flight of stairs. It wasn't even a big flight, really, but carp, it was hard to do. Denver is at such a high elevation that I couldn't fricking breathe as I climbed.  By the time we got to the top, I almost passed out!  However, I managed to make it, thank goodness.  We walked and talked and had a really great time catching up!  We didn't go into many stores, but we did eat gelato as we walked and it was very nice.

After that, we made a run to the grocery store for staples and the makings of an al fresco dinner out on his lanai (it's probably not called a lanai here, but we're playing Golden Girls this week).  After that we took it easy and waited on Jeoff to come in from Lamar.  It's a long drive, and the poor guy has a bum knee from falling down the stairs, so we just relaxed and talked until we decided to go to bed.

I'm so glad I came!  :)

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Jigsawdiva said...

I'm totally going with you next time ok?