Wednesday, January 04, 2012


January 1, 2012
Cleveland & Helen, Georgia

Today we had to say goodbye to Josh and Jeoff after breakfast, since they had to make their way back home to spend more time with Josh's mom before they fly home to Colorado. I was very sad, because I will miss them.

Since Steve, Anthony, and I had a whole extra day to spend, we drove around trying to find the few places we managed to miss yesterday. We stopped at the Old Sautee Store, which was so cool.  It was part modern store that sells some specialty items and things of local interest, and the other part was what I imagine the old store had really looked like.  It was full of all kinds of antique items that they had sold at one time.  It felt like stepping back in time.  :) 

I had to visit the restroom while we were there, and the only one they had was underneath the store. You had to get there by climbing down a set of stairs outside.  The bathroom was small and, when the door latched behind you, very dark.  When I was ready to leave the bathroom, I couldn't find the way out!  Granted, it was only one room, and it was dark, but still...I couldn't find the door.  I began to panic a little, and I even had a moment of thinking that the whole room had rotated and someone had trapped me in there!  I kept turning around and around looking for the door before I realized I was standing next to it, but the shadows in the room kept me from being able to see the door handle and I'd been pawing at the wall panel next to the door the whole time.  I think I need to stop watching scary movies.  I'm getting paranoid.

After we left the store, we stopped at a couple of other smallish stores that were scattered around. Most of the things we wanted to see were closed, either because it was new years day, or because it was Sunday, so we ended up heading back to Helen to try a restaurant we'd seen the day before called Troll Tavern. It was OK, but nothing to write home about.  After we ate, we walked the main road again while looking for any souvenirs we might have missed the day before, and after leaving there, we decided to take the rest of the evening to relax. I think we may be getting old. Heeheehee.

We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and football, and cleaning up the cabin.

Wild, wild stuff.

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