Monday, January 23, 2012


1) Holy cow, it's gorgeous outside today!  We had some bad weather overnight, which naturally was heralded by the sound of the tornado siren and the dogs howling, but this morning it's just beautiful out there.  Of course, it's 61 degrees in January, which I don't particularly like (cause January is supposed to be cold, dontchaknow) but I guess 61 degrees is better than three feet of snow and no power and dying of hypothermia.  I'll just call that the silver lining.  :)

2) I found a new printer! Well, maybe. I'm currently getting my first job printed there as we speak.  That is probably not anywhere near as exciting to you guys as it is to me, but it's great news!  I suppose I should specify that it isn't a desktop printer, but a printing facility where they can do all the fancy stuff, like raised lettering, varnishes, foiling and all that other happy trash!  I have a whole new world of design opened to me!  Plus, I know a guy with a connection to the place and he thinks we can probably work out a pretty good deal on pricing.  Woot!  Now, if anyone needs invitations or whatever, we can make 'em fancy!

3) Oh, and speaking of awesome stuff, some of my hats will finally get a home soon.  The children from our church are going to visit the nursing home in February, and along with the stuff they are going to make for the residents there, they are also going to be giving them each a hat!  The women's group is also taking a few of them to the members of our church that are elderly and home bound!  I'm glad!  I know they are just hats, but I hope that they can give people a tiny bit of warmth and snuggliness.  I'm going to have to go in and weed out a lot of the crazier colored hats and the ones with horns and what-not, though.  We don't need anyone's paw-paw looking like a thug. 

4) While looking at jobs the other day (yes, I'm still looking, albeit not as rabidly as before) I saw that my former job at the SpRocket (ptooey) was back on the market.  It made me a little sad.  I really miss that job sometimes.  I know it's stupid to even care, I really do, but I just enjoyed being there and I have moments of missing it.  I liked my co-workers, I liked what I did, and even when it drove me crazy I could always go out and look at whatever I made and think "I did that, and that is awesome."   Oh, well. Water under the bridge and all that, right?  I know that they must've already had someone in mind for the job since it didn't stay online for more than a couple of days (legally every job has to be open to anyone who wants to apply, but they generally hire who they opened the job for anyways.)  I hope whoever gets the job enjoys it as much as I did and I hope that they are shown more professional courtesy than I was.

I also hope that one day I can drive by the place without giving it the bird.  Baby steps...

5) There is a song that our choir sings that I really like called "I'm Ready To Go."  I wish I could find a YouTube video of it so you could hear what it sounds like, but I haven't tracked down the right version just yet.  Anyways, the song never fails to crack me up.  It's not a funny song at all, but to me it sounds as if it were written by Richard or Robert Sherman for some kind of white-bread, gospel, live action, Disney-esque musical like "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" or something.  Honestly, I get mad giggles whenever they practice it because I keep picturing everyone in the church jumping up and doing some synchronized dancing.  I guess the worst part is that at the end, I can totally see everyone in the choir going down on one knee and a cross being lowered from the ceiling behind them, all while pyrotechnics fire off on each side and shower the congregation with confetti. 

I realize this is not what I should be thinking of during church, but there is nothing I can do about it. My imagination is completely out of my control.

6) Personally, if there is going to be any dancing at our church at all, I'd prefer it to be this kind:

I might even be in the choir if they sang songs like that! :)

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