Monday, January 09, 2012


1) I love bread.  Love, love, love it.  I know it's the worst thing in the world to just sit and chow down on, but it's one of the things I just get a jones for a lot of the time.  My favorite at the moment is Sesame Semolina from Panera Bread.  I'll just go in and buy a loaf every once in a while, and I'm good for a week and a half.  I'm not sure why I'm telling you this except that I just had a piece of it toasted for breakfast and the memory of it still lingers.  :)  Seriously, if you like bread, you need to try it.

2) Oy.  There are people from my church who have friended me on Facebook, and they saw the pictures that Jeoff took of us during our New Year's Eve "party."  They think I was drunk.  I promise, I wasn't!  That's just what I look like, and I can't apologize enough for that.  I was acting goofy when the pictures were made, and now they think I was smashed.  Honestly, there are also kids from my church that are my Facebook friends, and I'd never, never, never let pictures of me stay tagged with my name if I was doing something questionable.  I didn't think anything about those pictures being posted until someone said something to me about them, and now I feel terrible.  I don't know if they believed me when I told them I wasn't drunk.

That entire day, all I'd had was a glass and a half of wine (because I'd finally found some I liked), plus one glass of champagne at midnight, and Josh asked me to try a tiny bit of some kind of foul, red stuff that he said was sweet (but it was a filthy, filthy lie.)  Believe it or not, even with my appallingly low tolerance of alcohol, I didn't even get tipsy until after the champagne...and mostly it just made me very sleepy. After posting one questionable twitter entry, which in retrospect probably could have been worded differently, I went to bed before I could begin emailing people (you're welcome.)  I was still a long way from drunk, though. I've been more buzzed from breathing in Sharpie marker fumes while working on a project.

Bleh. I'm stuck somewhere between feeling really awful about this and sincerely wishing people would mind their own damn business.

3) Speaking of being disappointed in me... I still haven't sent my hats to that charity yet.  It isn't that I don't want to, but the logistics are a nightmare, and the cost of shipping everything to California is prohibitive.  For whatever reasons, I had no idea that the number of hats I made would be so heavy or require so many boxes!  I've given away quite a few hats, but I'd still like the bulk of them to go to people in need.  I'm thinking of calling one of the local hospitals and seeing if they have any kind of program for the people going through chemotherapy.  I may also see if the children's group at my church ever goes to nursing homes to visit, and see if they want to take some to the elderly people.  I feel so bad that this hasn't been taken care of yet!  I just want to do something nice!! 

4) I'm absolutely loving the new coffee maker!  It's so easy to throw a pod into it and make a cup of coffee without making a huge mess or having way more coffee than I'll drink! I know I sound like an infomercial, but I actually do make quite a mess when I make coffee the old fashioned way.  I also love the fact that it makes other stuff, because I recently got some Earl Grey tea pods (I won't lie, it was mostly so I could pretend to be Capt. Picard) and realized I actually really like it.  My one problem is that we have a ton of pods that I don't really care for and I don't know what to do with them.  It came with 4 different boxes of coffee, and I only really like one of them.  Plus, we bought some hot chocolate and chai tea latte pods, and they taste weird.  I thought they had artificial sweeteners in them, but they don't, so I'm not sure what makes them taste so odd. I can't drink them, though.  At any rate, I really like the machine.  I tried the "hot water only" button the other day to make some instant rice, but forgot to rinse the spout out first.  Just FYI...rice made with coffee tainted water is gross.  :)

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