Monday, April 10, 2017


1) What is a thinkling, you may ask?  It's a subject that is not as long as a usual blog entry, but has the potential to get out of control if I wanted to expound on it.  Probably could be a tweet, if I was being honest, but I'm here and not there, so...there you go.

2) The stolen money from my bank account has been returned!  Woot!  I checked this morning, and all of it was returned thanks to the fraud unit of REDFCU!  Too bad that I'll never know the identity of the person who stole it, because that person deserves to be tied to a tree and hit with a bat, but maybe just around the knees.  The only problem I'm still having is that I still don't have regular access to my account yet, but thankfully I don't have anything pressing at the moment (knock wood) and it shouldn't be much longer before that is cleared up.

3) Steve told me that I can be a smothery person.  Like, if I like/care about a person, I'm a bit too in their face. I go way overboard trying to be friendly or doing stuff for them. That probably sounds mean, but he wasn't being hateful, I promise.  He was just stating a fact as he saw it. I can respect that.  I didn't realize. Sorry if I've done that to you, but at least you know it's because I like you and not because I want to wear your skin like a coat or anything weird like that!  So, the outcome of this is that all the headway I've made towards being less nervous about texting people or sending unsolicited emails has been set back a bit. Sigh. Maybe I'll just give up and become a hermit. Hermits don't talk to people too much and bother them. Hermits live in caves and make friends with crickets.

4) I almost set the church microwave on fire this morning! I was heating up my breakfast and I put my container in the thing and turned it on.  Big, loud, green fireworks started going off inside the microwave!  It scared the crap out of me.  When I rescued my food, luckily it wasn't burnt (wasn't cooked either, but not burnt) I saw that apparently I didn't notice that I didn't get all of the foil off of the edge. I haven't done anything like that since we had our first microwave in 1986!  I sacrificed a good couple of Pop-Tarts that day, I can tell you.

5) I ate fish eggs for the first time this past Saturday!  I know, I know, just by looking at me you'd think I was so refined that I certainly must eat caviar on the reg, but surprisingly that isn't the case. Steve and I went out to lunch and he ordered sushi (BLERF). It had some fish eggs on top of it and I was curious to know what they tasted like.  Not good, would be my answer. They were tiny and had a neat texture, but they were salty and a little fishy and the texture/taste don't match enough to be a good thing.  I don't know if I'll try it again, so if you were thinking about sending me some expensive caviar as a gift, please channel your generosity towards some quality chocolates instead. Thank you in advance.

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