Tuesday, April 18, 2017


1)  You know, I realize that the last couple of entries on this blog have been stories from a long time ago.  I didn't really think about it much when I was writing them, but just to let you know, it's because nothing interesting is going on with me at the moment.  Not a complaint, exactly, but I do enjoy writing on this blog and I haven't had anything fun or interesting happen in a while to write about.  Please indulge me my ramblings until things start happening again.  Hopefully they will be good and funny things and we can laugh and laugh.  Laughing is my favorite. :)

2) Let me preface this entry with a disclaimer: I am not trying to make Steve look bad. I promise. I thought this was funny.

Steve and I were driving home from church and I was telling him a story I'd recently read about a husband going out of his way to do something nice for his wife. I just thought it was a nice story, and I had no ulterior motives for telling him about it (and the fact that I feel the need to clarify that makes me sad.) I really just thought it was a nice story.  Steve thought for a minute and said "You know, I'd do something like that for you." I said "Wait, when I did that similar thing a couple of years ago, you didn't offer help me with it." Without hesitation, he said "Well, that's because I didn't want to."  He didn't understand why I thought that was so funny.

Never change, Steve.

3) I'm going to admit to something that is going to make me sound super grinchy.  Decorating for holidays seems like such a huge waste of time to me.  I'll give a pass to Christmas, because Christmas is considered a "Season" and people have multiple parties and guests, and I like Christmas trees in general.  However, people who decorate for holidays like Easter or the 4th of July, or things like that, confuse me.  Do they literally not have anything better to do than pack and unpack themed household items for just one day of celebrating? People will literally buy entire sets of dishes shaped like eggs or painted with turkeys.  I know this because I worked at Pier 1 for a while and we sold all that stuff, and people ate it up.   It's not even the expense that bothers me, it's the bother.

Maybe my issue isn't that I'm grinchy, but that I'm lazy.  I bet it's because I'm lazy.

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