Tuesday, March 23, 2010


1) Josh came for a visit last weekend! Yay! I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with him, though, but I did have to share him with his family. BOO! He and Jeoff brought two of Josh's nieces to the SpRocket for a visit and so I got to meet Jeoff Friday afternoon. He's really a sweetheart and I liked him a lot! :) We also made plans to meet at Rosie's for dinner. Since Steve was out of town it was just Josh, Jeoff, Shannon, Anthony and me. We had a lot of fun, once we found each other at least. I got there first and got a table, but the only phone number I had in my phone was Shannon's. I called to let her know where I was, so she found me. Unfortunately, Anthony must have got there right as I was seated, because he also got a table. We spent 30 minutes waiting for each other to get to the restaurant before we managed to hook up. Anthony apparently called me, but I never heard my phone ring. Oh well, it worked out fine. Luckily, the servers were very cool about it all and Shannon and I moved with no problem. We managed to offend at least two different tables around us as we ate, but we always do that. We are loud.

2) I got my hair cut last week and it has taken me a while, but I think I've finally come to terms with it. I just wanted something different and I took a picture I found on the Internet to the stylist. She did her best, but it doesn't look exactly the same. Oh well, it'll work. It's quite short and choppy, and I look more like Velma than I used to. I didn't realize it until I got home though. I didn't have time to let the lady style my hair (I waited two freaking hours before they could get to me) so I just jumped up and ran out of the salon so I could finish my errands. It looked fine with it was still damp, so I didn't think anything of it. When I got home, I was washing my hands and happened to look in the mirror. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "jinkies." With my glasses on, it's almost eerie how alike we look. It has styled correctly a total of once since last Wednesday, but I'm getting used to it. When Josh saw it he started picking at it and said "Oh, are we trying bangs again?" The harpy. I haven't been able to take a picture of my hair that I'm comfortable sharing yet, but I'll get one soon.

3) I learned to make pizza crust from scratch over the weekend and it is good! I don't really care for pizza normally, so I'm not sure why I made it. I was probably bored. At any rate, I like making pizza myself, so I am going to figure out how to make a pizza I like and leave Papa John's to Steve!

4) Steve was visiting some of our Georgia family last weekend, so I was on my own. I didn't do a whole lot, but I did manage to do most of the laundry! Dear Lord, I hate doing laundry. Specifically, I hate folding and putting away laundry. I'm not sure why it piles up the way it does, either. It's just the two of us here, and it isn't as if we have costume changes in between television shows we watch. I still have some I didn't get done, and a whole lot I still have to fold and put away. I need to go on a rampage and donate half of what I have in the house just so I don't have to wash it anymore. Ugh. It would be worth it.

5) I've been crocheting like a mad woman lately. I actually bought (hack, hack) a pattern online the other day. I usually just look for the ones that are free since there are so many out there, but I wanted this particular hat for Easter. I have tried and tried to make it, but something about the instructions doesn't make sense. I've laid that pattern aside for now and tried another one. However, somehow I don't have the right size hook for this pattern, so the two versions of the hat I've made have either been very small or very large. I'm getting frustrated!

6) Yeah, yeah, I haven't been posting much. However, honestly, nothing has really been going on. Well at least not much I think would be interesting to other people. My life is just kind bland right now, I guess. Once it is perfect, I'll post more often! I promise! :)

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amy said...

If you think your life is bland, think of the poor people who depend upon your updates!