Friday, March 12, 2010


1) There is a store in Huntsville that sells nothing but yarn and knitting/crochet supplies. It's like the black hole of arts and crafts. I walked in yesterday to buy a specific type if yarn that I couldn't find at Hobby Lobby and I think I blacked out because when I walked out with a whole bag full of stuff I hadn't intended to buy. Oooh, and there is so much more I want in there. It's a dangerous, dangerous place.

2) Things have been kind of crazy here at work. It's like everyone is making up for December, when I had absolutely nothing to do while I was here. Now, of course, everyone needs everything done immediately. Currently I'm working on the new menu panels for the food court. We have a new executive chef and he redecorated the place and changed the menu. If the food tastes half as good as it sounds, it will definitely be a step up from the burgers and fries we have had for the past few years.

3) It's such a gloomy day outside, but I like the thunder. Except for the instances where it sounds like a missile has been dropped outside of the house, I find thunder soothing. Of course, this means there is a chance I'm going to fall asleep while I'm working.

4) I fell out of my chair yesterday while I was stretching and I hid beneath my desk for 10 minutes in case anyone saw me. Then it was brought to my attention that if I didn't get back in my chair for 10 minutes, someone should have come to check on me. I'm telling you, I could be murdered back here and no one would notice!

5) I will probably have to work nights this summer while the Star Wars exhibit will be open because we don't have enough museum workers to run it the whole time. I'm still not going to wear a flight suit. :P


amy said...

How about a gold bikini?

Sara said...

Ummm...definitely ear doughnuts AND a gold bikini.

Tae said...

You guys are aware that Jabba didn't wear the bikini, right?

Although, I could rock those ear doughnuts!

amy said...

"Her buns aren't as tight as they were in the movie."

That line still cracks me up.