Wednesday, March 03, 2010


It is currently 2:13 in the morning and I think I'm dying.

OK, I don't really think that I am dying. I'm just whining. I can't help it! Shut up! :P

My back got worse again during the night. I apparently tried to roll over in my sleep and I woke up literally screaming because it felt like someone had just stabbed me. I probably scared Steve to death. I had to finally get up and scramble around to find the bottle of Lortab I got when I had my root canal done. Yes, it hurt that much. I hate taking those pills because A) they make me hot, hyper and mean. B) They make me sick to my stomach C) They make me kinda floopy D) I get an urge to write emails that usually make very little since and E) the last time I took one of them some reeeeeeeeeally bad stuff happened. We all know what. Bad connitations, man.

Anyways, now I'm up, the pill's pain killing has worn off and I'll be damned if I take another one. The only way I can get comfortable is if I sit in my office chair either leaned back as far as possible or hunched up sideways. I'm so tired, but the pill side effect of keeping me awake has not worn off. I'm irritated and there is no one for me to beat with a Nerf bat. BOO!

On a funnier note, just so you won't think I'm completely evil:

On the way back from work, we stopped to get the mail before turning into the driveway. I saw that a small spider was hanging from a strand of webbing from one of the letters, and I didn't want Steve to freak out. I had enough time to think to myself "If you sound panicked, Steve will panic. Talk calmly and maybe he'll stay calm too." I said, calmly - I promise - "Steve, hon, you need to put the mail back out the win..." and that is as far as I got. I guess Steve's Spidey sense went off because the mail went flying out of the window. It went everywhere, and of course, since the spider was dangling from a piece of web, I'm fairly certain that he stayed in the car with us. Steve was frozen, and all I could say was "You didn't get the spider out!" He just kept repeating "Got to get out! Got to get out!" and he sped up the driveway and jumped out of the car.

I promise I'm not evil. I honestly sympathize with Steve's phobia, I really do. I hate bugs of all kinds and I'm not sure I wouldn't have acted the same way...but I cracked up. I laughed until sound wasn't even coming out of me anymore. I laughed until I was practically laying in the driveway gasping for breath with tears running out of my eyes. I laughed until I wheezed. I can't even decide what was funnier, Steve knowing that there was a spider on the mail just because I told him to put the mail back out of the window, him throwing the mail and it just flying in all directions, or him jumping out of the car. I don't know, but it was funny!!!!!!!

PS: I'm not evil! I'm not!


amy said...

we're pain twins. I'm on the third day of a neck/shoulder thing that makes me cry. :( Dunno why.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really really want to know what comment got deleted. Do they have any idea how curious this makes us? At least they could let us know who commented.

Gall bladder?

Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

Amy Dunno what? Why you want to cry or why it hurts? It sounds like the typical crick-in-the-neck that grabs you if you move in the wrong way and every way is wrong.