Monday, March 01, 2010


1) This weekend I wanted an adventure. I didn't care what kind, but I didn't want to spend my whole Saturday doing laundry and watching TV. Since I didn't have any ideas in mind, and still needed to be back home by evening, I settled for going to get groceries with Steve! Whee! :) Actually, it was intended as more than that, but we left the house kind of early and nothing else was open yet. We wound up going to Target and my first adventure was teaching Steve the art of browsing. He's a typical male kind of shopper, usually: Search & Destroy. However, since we got to the Targe Mahal early enough to avoid the pushy mommy-shoppers and old ladies, we had the leisure to poke around a bit. Steve also learned that browsing can become dangerous, because you tend to pick up things you've never noticed before, justify buying them, and end up spending more money than you intended. Oops. We also went to Fresh Market and got some good stuff. That place is going to be the death of me. On the way home, I had my second adventure: using the Bernouli Principle, my hair was pulled through the sun roof of Steve's car (which he didn't notice) and he closed it. Ouch a LOT. That wasn't so much an adventure, but a lesson learned, I suppose! :)

2) While driving up to Target, I saw a guy eye-humping Steve's car. It was so blatant that I felt that we needed to give the two of them some time alone.

3) I got up early to go to the gym this morning, got ready to go, but didn't. I just didn't want to. I know that means I'll have to make myself go after work, which I hate, but I am feeling belligerent and difficult today. I may need to be punished.

4) Yesterday was a weird, weird day. I thought it was just me, but it turned out that a lot of things were just a half a beat out of step. We had a potluck meal after the morning services, but I'd over slept and had to make my food at the church. That isn't too big of a deal since I work in the kitchen, but it isn't a usual thing for me to do. People started bringing in things and I would take them, as usual, but for some reason none of us could get in the groove that we normally do. The music minister asked me if I could run the sound system during the service since the regular guy was sick, and I managed to screw up something that is as simple as a power point presentation before I straightened it all out. I had to run downstairs after service so that I could help in the kitchen, and they weren't done setting out the food (a rarity for our kitchen staff). Everything got kind of rushed after that. We also found out later that the plumbing in the church had somehow gotten screwed up, so no one could go to the bathroom, wash their hands, and we couldn't wash the dishes! We cleaned up as best as we could without using the sinks and one of the other ladies had to take home a pile of dirty dishes to wash (gross). Evening services were shortened because of the plumbing thing, which was just weird in an OCD way, and it just seemed like everything was off kilter. Maybe it was the full moon? Could be!

5) I've been thinking about the movie Independence Day. Probably too much, as it is, but I have a theory about it. It is common for people to make fun of the end where Jeff Goldblume uploads a virus into the alien mothership. I mean, you'd think that alien tech would be more secure than Mac software, right? While watching the movie this weekend, I realized that the US Army had kept the Area 51 ship on the secret base for a lot of years and had been studying it. That means someone would have had to have information about the computer technology, right? So if Jeff Goldblume was smart enough with computers to have figured out the original countdown that the aliens were using to synchronize their attack, it stands to reason (to me) that he would be able to look at the information that the army had gathered concerning the smaller ship it had in storage and figure out how to interface with it! So either the tech was simplistic enough for an earthling to figure out how to hack into it, or Microsoft has expanded even further throughout the universe than we thought. Also, this is the only movie Randy Quaid has ever done where he doesn't gross me out completely. That last part is just FYI.

6) Something smells weird in my office and I can't find anything that can explain it. I'm scared.

7) I've developed a dangerous obsession with Gummi Bears lately. I can't stop eating them. No, I'm not pregnant.

8) My dreams have been super boring, yet completely linear lately. I hate having boring dreams. It's like being stuck in a theater watching a bad movie, but not being able to get out of your seat. Last night, though, I had a scary dream about zombies. Zombies don't usually scare me. I mean, why would they? Sure, they want to eat my brain, but they are easily outrunable, fairly stupid, and they have a specific and well defined mode of dispatch - removing the head or destroying the brain. However, I will occasionally have dreams about them that creep me out. Last night was even worse because the dream made sense and had a plausible story line. I would imagine that, if a zombie apocalypse were to occur, it would be much like my dream. The worst part of the dream itself wasn't the zombies, though. It was that I had to steal a weapon to defend myself with. I put it in my purse and when the zombies came around I could never find it in all of the junk I was carrying around. Hmmmm, maybe it wasn't a zombie nightmare after all. Maybe it was a messy purse nightmare.


Anonymous said...

If you start your training now for how to deal with zombies, that will take care of your messy purse problem!

Zombie killin is an art! Lern it!

Kenny said...

I watched Independence Day again a year or two ago and noted, with an odd mixture of both dismay and satisfaction, how the movie is faltering with age.

Seems you could say the same for the plot holes after *gasp* 14 years of examination.