Tuesday, March 02, 2010


1) I hurt my back and I have no idea how I did it. I'm all hunched over right now and I look as if I should be ringing a bell and yelling "SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!" It hurts to sit up or lean over. About the only way it doesn't hurt is if I'm lying down. I'd lay down on the floor at work if I didn't think whatever living in the carpet would eat me. I'm probably going to have to lie on my drafting table in a bit to see if that helps, but God help me if my boss comes in. He won't stick around long enough for me to explain.

2) I tried clearing the heavy, wet snow off of the window on my side of the car this morning by rolling the window down. I realized before it was down very far that it was a bad idea, and I let go of the button, but apparently it went into automatic mode and rolled all the way down. Gravity took over and a wall of slush fell over on me. I was both wet and cold when I got to work.

3) Got two great crochet pattern books and one book on Steam Punk style jewelry last night! I'm excited to start making some of the stuff in them!

4) I almost blinded myself while taking a watch apart. Apparently there is a spring hidden down in there I wasn't aware of. I lifted the top off of a small drum shaped area and something flew past my eyes. Stupid booby-trapped watch.

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