Thursday, May 06, 2010


I've posted this on Twitter and Facebook, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it here too since it's my last social networking outlet.

What? It was like hanging a picture just off center or only having one book end. I needed closure.

Also, I think it's funny. Don't judge me.

This was another hat challenge. I was sent a picture of an awesome Cthulu hat a while back, and was told I should make one like it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pattern, so I had to improvise. I kept it on much longer than I needed to just to get this picture. It tickled me. :)

So, anyone have another hat suggestion?


Kenny said...

If you lived somewhere where it wasn't potentially 85 degrees on an October night that would make for a great Halloween costume.

amy said...

He looks like the aliens from the Simpsons Halloween specials!

amy said...

Also, you now know how to make an Ood hat!

Have you made any Jayne hats?

Qaro said...

That is so cute!