Saturday, May 22, 2010


This Sunday marks the final episode of what I consider to be one of the best and most fun television series ever. If you don't know which show I'm talking about, just go. Get out of here, now. You are dead to me.

For those of you who remain, you know I'm talking about Lost. I realize how sad and weird it is to be so attached to a television show, but honestly, it has just been a lot of fun. I love mysteries, and this whole show has been nothing but a giant mystery the whole way through. It is very, very rare that I find a TV show that I like this much, so seeing it go is bitter sweet. I'll miss it a great deal.

However, I have a quandary. Since the show is going to air on Sunday instead of it's normal Tuesday night, I won't be home to watch it. I'll be at church. I won't lie, I considered staying home so that I can watch the finale. If that makes me a bad person, well...bite me. It is my opinion that God Himself will probably be watching the finale, even though he probably already knows how it ends. He's a fan, you know. At any rate, I will not be staying home because A) I'll feel bad for skipping church just to watch TV, and B) I'm supposed to run the sound for the services this weekend. This means that I'm going to have to go on full blackout. I don't want to know anything about anything until I get a chance to start watching. I'm not going to answer my phone, I'm not going to listen to the radio, and I'm not going to go anywhere where I could possibly hear a spoiler. Unless you are dying or my house is on fire, don't call me. If you are dying, send me a text message, and if for some reason you happen to mention that you are dying and "oh, yeah, that last scene with Locke being the smoke monster's father was awesome" I will run to your house and smother you with a pillow. This is serious business.

So, there you go. An end to an era. If someone spoils it for me, I will cut a bitch.

That is all.

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