Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Greetings, dear friends! I'm currently writing to you from the sound box of my church where I will be spending the week as the Music Pirate (heh) for vacation bible school. :)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: You and a bunch of screaming kids? Well, sort of. Basically I was asked to come for the week and work the sound and video system for the assembles. It's been kind of fun so far! I sit back here and try to keep up with our student pastor while he does the bible verses and sings with the kids. I'm also supposed to take pictures of the kids, but I forgot to take any before mid morning yesterday. Oops. I thought someone else was doing it, but I got a few pictures, thank goodness.

It's all very, very loud.

Everything looks great! The theme for this year is "High Seas" and I got a nifty t-shirt and a sailor hat to wear while I'm here. I'm quite adorable.

This morning I feel like utter yuck, though, because I had a major sinus malfunction after sitting outside and brushing Butler for a while. Brushing leads to breathing in fur, breathing in fur leads to allergy attacks, allergy attacks lead to suffering. Kind of like the dark side. In all honestly, I feel like I've been snorting broken glass and drain cleaner. Fun!

I mostly hung out with the youth kids yesterday since we were all in the same place waiting for the kids, and I was forcibly reminded of two things: #1. Teenagers make me feel old. #2. I pretty much have the mental level of these teenagers. It's like I'm in one of those bad 80's switching-bodies movies where a teenager switches bodies with their parents. It's all very disorienting. :)

Anyways, thing are about to start.

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amy said...

Whoa. 2 coincidences.
1) Our church is doing High Seas too. Must be a popular one this year.
2) I feel the same way you do about teenagers, only with college students (some of whom are teenagers). On the inside I am just like them, on the outside SO OLD