Tuesday, June 01, 2010


1) Wow. Do you remember several years ago when I did the experiment to decide which chocolate would give me the worst nightmares? I still say Godiva is #1, but I found a new #2: Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chunk cookies. Specifically the kind that you break apart and bake yourself. We had some last night for dessert and I guess I didn't realize how close to bedtime it was when I ate them. The nightmare I had was...horrifying. It wasn't about monsters or serial killers, but it was terrible just the same. I woke up in the fetal position and shivering. Ugh, I don't want to talk about it. Just don't eat those cookies before bed. That's my advice to you guys.

2) Sunday afternoon, Steve and I went to Sam's to pick up some drinks and stuff for church and I think I scared a sample guy. I don't tend to graze at the sample stands when I go there, but it seems as if I've got people all but tossing food at me the entire time I shop. Usually I just smile and wave them off, but at least wait until they are done talking before I walk away. However, this guy was persistent. See, I wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so I wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat anything that might make it worse. I didn't even know what he wanted me to try, but when he asked if I wanted some I just shook my head and walked a few steps past him. He said "Are you sure, it's 98 percent fat free?" I decided that there was only one thing I could do at this point, so I turned around and said "Why? Are you calling me fat?" I have never seen panic dawn on a person's face so quickly or completely as it did with this guy. He tried to back-step and his words were all stuttering and falling all over each other, so I felt bad! I told him I was just kidding and that I would take whatever he was giving out because I scared him. I'm just glad it was ice cream and not something disgusting.

I have no social skills.

3) Our weekend was lovely, thank you for asking. We had planned on taking a road trip on Friday, but realized that with the holiday weekend and the fact that school was out would make it unpleasant, so we nixed those plans and stayed at home. It was nice, though. We mostly relaxed, but we also worked on clearing out the closet in the guest room. It hadn't been cleared out since I've lived here, I think. Well, the top part of it anyways. We got quite a few things cleared out of the way, so now we have more room to store other things that we have no room for otherwise! Apparently, we straighten up by redistributing our filth. Oh well, at least our Hannah House/ King's Ranch donation bags are getting filled up faster this way. At least we aren't saving EVERYTHING!

4) Still no joy on the job front, but I am still looking. Right now, the biggest roadblock I'm finding is that most graphics jobs insist that you also know how to build websites and databases. I wish I had known that before I changed my minor. Of course, had I not changed my minor, I'd still be in school. I know I'll find something eventually, but is it weird that I feel completely guilty for not working? Steve isn't pressuring me to find anything right away and people haven't been bugging me about it like they did after I lost my secretarial job, but I still feel guilty. I mean, I have a college degree and I'm not doing anything with it! It don't have/want kids to stay home and take care of, so I guess I feel like staying home is cheating somehow. That's dumb, I know. Oh well, anyways, I'll keep you posted. :)

5) I'm redecorating the bathroom! It used to be decorated with dragonflies, but I'm switching it over to ocean stuff and mermaids. I weirdly excited about tying it all together. Most of the things I'm doing is just switching out nik-knacks and adding in a few DIY things, but it's fun. I'll post pictures when I get more of it done.

6) My sea monkeys are still alive and doing fine so far. Just FYI.

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