Sunday, April 10, 2011


This time it was stolen from my cuz, Jigsawdiva.


* First job: Snow cone girl at Flamingo's Shaved Ice stand. I was constantly being pelted with flying bits of ice, flies, and frozen yogurt goo. To this day I still can't eat snow cones without gagging a little bit.

* First screen name: KMarti. No, I didn't choose it. Yes, I got jokes.

* First funeral: It was either my grandmother Atnip, or my grandfather Martin. I remember both, but don't remember which one was first.

* First pet: I think it was Buttons, a squashed faced pekingese.

* First piercing: My ears. I was very young, but I clearly remember my mother trying to clean them and me screaming. I don't think they stayed in for very long.

* First tattoo: Only fake ones thus far.

* First credit card: B. Moss. I wanted the discount!

* First kiss: At 16, to a gropy sort of boy I was on a date with. Not such a great memory, actually.

* First enemy: I think her name was Leah. She was MEAN!


* Last car ride: Coming back from Target after getting groceries.

* Last kiss: What's that?

* Last movie watched: The Hangover. It was funnier than I thought it would be!

* Last beverage drank: Peach Lemonade

* Last food consumed: Grilled chicken, green beans, pineapple & mashed potatoes. I don't know which bite of what was actually my last.

* Last phone call: My mom. She loves me and checks up with me often! :)

* Last time showered: This morning.

* Last CD played: A mix of happy music I keep in my car.

* Last website visited:


* Single or Taken: Taken

* Gender: female

* Birthday: February 14

* Sign: Aquarius

* Siblings: A brother and a sister

* Hair color: Brownish

* Eye color: Dark brown

* Shoe size: 7

* Height: 5'4"

* Wearing: Red shirt, white & black shorts

* Thinking about: Secrets

* Listening to: My PC's fan making sounds and occasional dog snores!

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