Tuesday, April 05, 2011


1) I seriously need to be more attentive when buying things for my dogs. The other day I bought a bag of chew sticks for them. I knew that rainy weather was coming and there would be days that they had to spend hours in their kennels (they can't be trusted not to eat each other if left to their own devices indoors.) I don't feel so guilty about making them stay in their kennels if they have something to chew on. Anyway, so yesterday the great deluge began and I had the dogs tucked securely away in their beds when I broke out the bag of chewies. I'd given each of the boys a stick, when I read the front of the package. The things were called "Bully Sticks." This was something I wasn't familiar with. I don't know what made me flip the package over, but a warning caught my eye. It said to make sure to wash your hands after handling the treats. I mean, I know that dog treats are not people safe to eat, but I'd never seen a warning like that before, so I looked at the ingredients. I kind of wish I hadn't. Apparently, I had bought a bag of dried bull penises. Nice. I spent the next hour listening to them chow down on them and trying not to barf.

2) I had to drop Steve off at the airport early yesterday morning so that he could catch a flight to Maryland. I don't drive to the airport often, and I'm always afraid I'm going to get lost while trying to get back to the interstate so that I can get home because there is a section of road that splits and the signage doesn't give you much time to decide which way to go. Turn right and you go back to Huntsville, stay straight and you head to Decatur. It was still dark after I'd dropped him off, and so of course, I missed the turn back to Huntsville. Poop. I wasn't too disturbed, because I figured that there would be an exit where I could get turned around again, but it took a while to find it. By the time I had taken the exit, I had no idea where I was. I think I was going the right way, at the beginning at least, but instead of finding the turn lane so that I could get back on the interstate, I made another wrong turn and ended up STILL going towards Decatur, except this time I was on an access road. Again, poop. I finally just yanked a very illegal U-turn and got myself turned the right way, only to find myself missing the exit yet again. I wound up in the parking lot of a FedEx distribution center that I didn't even know existed. Sigh. I'm still not sure how I found the right road, but I finally managed to get back on the interstate headed the right way. I am such a dork-fish. I can get lost in my own town. When I was telling my mother about it later, and told her where I had turned around, she told me I was on the knife edge of another county all together. This is why I need a driver.

3) I just finished watching The Black Swan. It was a great movie, but it was also...icky. I have watched horror movies that didn't make me cringe and cover my eyes as much as that movie did. It made me distinctly uncomfortable. Honestly, I'm still not sure what was going on in the movie, but it was a good film. Seriously, Natalie Portman absolutely earned her Academy Award. She creeped me the hell out.

4) I got my hair cut again the other day. I know I complain about my haircut a lot, but this time it didn't turn out bad, per se, but now it's just really short and kind of...odd. I got the girl I usually get, so I was relieved about that. I asked her to put in some chunkier layers around the back, so I could kind of fluff it out, and she didn't so much give me chunky layers as she just took some chunks out of it. It's really short and when I blow dry it, it makes my head look completely round. ROUND. If I don't blow dry it, it sticks out on one side. Sometimes it sticks out on the opposite side. Rarely does it evenly stick out all over. It is actually a bobbed, 20's style flapper haircut. It would probably be cute on someone else, but I'm so very round that it makes me look strange.


Olivia Wilde looks cute, even though it's uneven.


Not so much.

I had to wear a hat that day because when I fixed my hair, it looked like I had backed into a fan.
At least my bangs were even this time! :)

5) My sister invited me to where she was taking pictures of my nephew before his prom. I felt so very old. Seriously, he was born the year I went to the prom for the first time, and now he was going to his first prom. *Sniff* He looked so handsome, too! Of course, he's tall, skinny dude, and his jacket kind of made him look like the lead singer of The Talking Heads, but he was still handsome! :) There were actually a lot of parents out there taking pictures of the kids, which I thought was weird. I mean, my parents took pictures of me at home when my date (or the girl who drove me to the prom that one terrible year everything turned to boogers) came to get me, but they didn't follow me someplace to take pictures. Not that I thought my sister was weird for doing it, because she's actually a very talented photographer and Logan asked her to to take them. I felt kind of awkward because none of them knew me except for my sister, I was the only non-parent there, and I looked like the creepy adult who was hanging around the edges of a group of people looking at kids. I found out later that a whole lot of family, kids and all, went to the prom to see "lead out." For those of you not familiar with that bit of pageantry, it's when the couples walk out and their names are announced so that everyone can see who came together and what they are wearing. Is it just me that thinks it's weird that the families were there? I wouldn't have even thought my mom and dad would want to go to see something like that. I'm sure it's a normal thing, but to me it seems kind of...helicopter-y. I thought of the prom as sort of a dance where you could pretend to be grown up, not something I'd invite my mommy and daddy to. Oh well, things are different now I guess. At least the parents went home before the dancing. At least I hope so! :)

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