Wednesday, April 13, 2011


--Now I know Where Steve Gets It

One night, Steve and I were having dinner with Mr. Lee and I was telling him all about the cats that have suddenly decided they live at my house. He already knew about Garry and Macaroons, but he didn't know about the new-ish cat that has been hanging around.

I think this cat belongs to the people up the street because I've seen it up there. It's a very skittish, young cat, and it has only recently gotten brave enough to let me pet him/her. It's mostly white, but it has a big blotch of black on it's head and back that looks like a big ink stain. Due to this, I call the cat Rorschach.

Anyways, I was telling Mr. Lee about the new cat and I said "I call him Rorschach." Mr. Lee raised his hand and started going "OOOOH! OOOOOH!"

I didn't know what he was doing, but I strongly suspected drugs were involved.

Then he said "OOOOOOH, MR. KOTTER!" I finally understood!

I had to tell him "No! I said Rorschach, not Horshack!" Then I laughed. A LOT.

At least I know that Steve gets it honestly! My Father-In-Law is awesome! :)

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