Tuesday, April 12, 2011

--The Not Very Exciting Edition

1) Where is the threshold where being concerned crosses over to being nosey? I can never tell. See, if I know and like someone and at some point realize something might be wrong either emotionally, health-wise, or whatever, my first knee jerk reaction is to ask what is wrong. It isn't that I want to get all up in their business or anything (I mean, I suppose in a sense I do since I'm asking them what is wrong) but generally, I'm asking because I care and want to help, or offer support, if I can. However, I've come to the realization that there are *GASP* people who don't like people to know stuff. I'm not talking about super-private stuff either, they just don't want to tell anyone anything at all, even if telling someone could be helpful in some way. I'm not knocking that, of course. Some people are just private. But if you can see something may be wrong, how can you ask out of genuine concern without seeming as if you just want to be nosey? I'm not asking about this because of any particular incident, it's just something I'm trying to figure out. It's frustrating. I used to just ask, but that has sort of backfired on me as of late. It isn't even that I necessarily need to know the issue, and I understand if people say "I'd rather not talk about it " or something like that. I suppose I just don't want to not ask and seem as if I don't care, either. Does that make sense? Granted, I suppose there are people out there who just don't want anyone to do anything for them at all...but that sucks. No matter what, people need a support structure from people who care about them. Blarg. Anyways, I'd genuinely like some advice on this one. I want to be available, but I don't want to be intrusive.

2) Oooh! Lookie!

It's the first ripe strawberry from my plants! It isn't a very good picture, sorry. Look how little and cute it is! It was also delicious. :) I only have 4 plants, but I'm hoping to get enough to make a tiny batch of jam. I'm excited!

3) Since I haven't posted pictures of my adorable mutts lately, here are a couple that are particularly cute:

These are two of the laziest dogs in the world. This is honestly the way they are most of the day. I can look out at almost any time, and they are sleeping somewhere in the backyard. I luff dem. They are so fuzzy I could DIE!!!!!!

4) Speaking of our backyard...yikes. It's like a jungle out there. We don't have the equipment to clear most of it away, so it has gotten a bit out of hand. In that picture of Bear (the fat, black dog) you can see a rock behind him. That used to be a rock garden. The fence row along the back of our yard is completely engulfed in vegetation. It's way more than we can deal with, so I'm guessing we need to call someone before it takes over completely. I kind of like the wild way the back-yard looks, though. I'm not one for really organized landscaping or anything, but still. It'd be nice to get that 6 feet or so of yard back one of these days.

5) I recently replaced two of the bulbs over the sink in the bathroom. Such an exciting life I lead, no? :) We have those big dressing-room type bulbs, and at least one of them had been out for a while before the second one blew. Since the others put out so much light, and because I kept forgetting to buy more big bulbs, I just kept not replacing them. I still have no idea how long the bulbs were out before I finally replaced them, but it must have been long enough for me to forget what having a full rack of lights was like. Now every time I go to the bathroom, the lights are so bright I feel like I need to apply sun-screen.

6) I've learned a really neato, new crochet stitch, but I have no idea what to use it for. Before you say "hat," I haven't figured out how to adapt it to hat shape yet. Now I've just got these panels of stitches and I don't know what to do with them yet. But I just can't stop adding on, though. It's addictive!

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