Monday, November 23, 2015


1) I'm not sure how much I actually want to write about stuff, or how much I want to procrastinate doing my job.  I have a feeling that it's mostly about procrastinating.  It's always about that, really. :)

2) This past Saturday, Steve and I went with the church's youth group to play paintball!  It was so much fun!  I'd never played before, but Steve had gone with them for the past couple of years and told me how much he enjoyed it.  So, for once, I offered to attend a youth event without either being tricked, or guilted, into it.  Aren't you proud of me?  Hahahaha!  Don't be. Like I was going to give up a chance to shoot kids with non-lethal projectiles.  Please. 

Steve and I drove out to Athens to meet everyone at the paintball range.  There were 11 kids, and 5 "adults" there that day.  Our first course was out in the woods, and I didn't realize our teams had to split up and start from one point, so I was hiding in the trees for a while before someone found me.  I didn't last long in that first scenario.  I got pegged in the thigh by one of the kids.  By the way, getting shot by paint balls HURTS.  I'm not sure how close I was to the person who got me out, but I now have the weirdest red bruise on my leg.  It is a perfect circle of regular skin surrounded by a splat mark of red.  I didn't find it until I got home, but it has been two days and it hasn't faded completely yet.  I kind of hope it stays.  It's a really interesting bruise!  I'd take a picture, but I only share pictures of my thighs with very, very important people, sorry.  So few people have ever seen them that there are rumors that I don't even have them.  True Story.  Ha!

We moved to the "Town" and spent the rest of our time there.  The town is a post-apocalyptic looking area of shacks, an old van, and stuff you can hide behind.  I did much better on this range, but in the first game, I got shot in the head.  Oh, dear Lord in heaven, that was unpleasant. It wasn't that it hurt, although it did, but that it hit at just the perfect angle on my mask that the paint squirted into my hair, and into my eye at the same time. My eye didn't even have time to close, so I saw through a haze of yellow goo, and when I raised my mask to wipe my face, I got reprimanded by our referee.  I had to wait until we were back in the safe zone before I could get the goop out of my eye, and my hair stayed greasy until I could take a bath. Gross.  I did much better during the rest of our games, and I even managed to shoot the only person in our group who plays with any regularity, twice.  I made him bleed by accident.  I don't know how, because paint balls aren't supposed to do that, but he showed me his arm and there was a big splotch of dried blood where I got him.  Oops.

We picked up 4 stray people to join our group, and they all were very good and had their own equipment.  They got most of the people out, I think.  Anyway, it was fun and I want to go again! 

When I got home, my eye had started to hurt, so I took out my contact lens to clean it.  It was stained yellow and I couldn't get the goop off of it and I had to open a new pack.  Boo.  My eye still isn't right, but at least everything isn't tinted anymore.

3)  I had the weirdest dream this weekend.  I dreamed I was an elementary school teacher and our entire school was taken hostage.  I don't think anyone was killed, but they wouldn't let us leave.  I think the point was that they were going to brainwash the children into converting to whatever religion or group these people were with (I'm assuming ISIS guys, but who knows?  Just bad guys is all I remember.) and they made the teachers stay with them, threatening that if we left or escaped, they'd start killing children.  It was a bad, bad dream.  I don't remember a lot of what happened, but I know that another teacher and I tried to sabotage the bad guys, but what we did was ineffective.  That took the heart out of me, and I just gave up and complied with whatever they told me to do.  That was the worst part, that sense of defeat and not being able to do anything to fight back.  In the weird way that dreams have, I was aware that days were passing and I couldn't get away from it and I was losing hope. 

I actually woke up during that part.  I didn't wake up in a panic, like you'd think, but I woke up feeling awful and sad and depressed.  I kept having to remind myself that it was just a dream.  I stayed awake for about 30 minutes before I fell asleep again, and I was dumped right back into the same dream!  If I'd been woken from an awesome dream, that would have never happened!  At any rate, once I was back in the dream, I was ready to fight my way out!  My problem was that I was very bad at escaping.  I don't remember exactly what I did, but in the dream, I was killed.  Instead of waking up again, the dream reset like a video game!  I kept waking up back where I started, and it was so freaking frustrating!  I tried to escape 4 different times, and all four times I got "killed" in the dream.  I finally woke up again when my alarm went off, but I have to say, that was one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had, and that is saying something.  I guess I need to put my Zombie Apocalypse plan on hold and brush up on my terrorist escape plans. 

Now I just have to learn to fly a helicopter.

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