Tuesday, November 17, 2015


1) So, sort of good news from the pulmonologist!  He said nothing has changed with my CT scans, so my next one won't be until next year!  Woo-Hoo! He told me that if the next scans show either no change or improvements (obviously) then he'll know the nodules are benign.  Yay!  The only bad thing about my scan was that he said it showed I had possible pneumonia activity in my left lung, but that with my "history of coughing" he didn't think it was anything important.  I honestly don't know what he means by history of coughing, because I haven't been coughing, nor have I had a chronic or even persistant cough in years and years.  Who knows?  It does hurt to breathe on that side of my chest, but I don't have any other signs of pneumonia, so no worries until there are worries to be had.  Woot! 

2) Someone shot our church!  No one was in it at the time, thank goodness. When I got to work yesterday, I saw a weird mark on one of the columns on the porch.  When I went out to see what it was, it was bullet damage. Well, that's what I thought when I looked at it and I am a world renowned forensic tech, after all.  Haha!  I showed the spot to the pastor and he agreed that it was a bullet hole.  We had to file a police report, (and the cop also agreed it was a bullet hole, so obviously my talents are wasted as a secretary) because it could tie to a crime down the line.  It's a crappy thing to happen, to be sure, but on the bright side, now our broken window has a friend! :)  Silver linings!

I named it Steve McQueen! 

3) Steve has informed me that his company is having a Christmas party.  I'm already starting to worry about the things I'm going to knock over. It won't be in anyone's home this time, and hopefully whatever I manage to destroy will be covered by some kind of damage deposit.  Also, the invitation says that it is "Festive Attire."  WTF does that mean?  Do I dress like an elf?  People think I'm kidding when I say I don't know how to dress myself, but I'm not.  I don't have a local girlfriend to tell me if I am appropriate, and Steve wouldn't care if I walked out of the house in a fitted sheet as long as all of my personal bits were covered.  

Sigh.  I'll Google it.

At any rate, I am determined about one thing: I will go to, and leave, this party without awkwardly hugging a caterer this time.

4) Speaking of awkward...  I was talking to someone the other day and made a kind of off color joke at my own expense.  I do that a lot, and I don't know why. It's just how I do. Anyway, right after I made said joke, we got interrupted and our conversation ended before I got to explain that I was only joking.  I'd like to believe that the person would know realize I was only joking, but I can't be completely sure.  The only way I'll know is if I bring it up and explain, but I'd rather not, because I'm afraid they'd think it was a case of protesting too much or something.  I need to stop talking to people who don't know my humor.

5) It's been almost a year since Butler died and I'm still not quite adjusted.  People keep asking if we are going to get another dog soon, but I don't think I could stand it yet.  Well, we have other important reasons not to want to get a dog right now, but a lot of it has to do with fact that I still miss my other dogs too much it would feel like we were getting rebound dogs. That is stupid, I know.  I don't like to feel things.  It makes everything too complicated.  If I could turn off feelings, lots of things would be easier.

6) Last week Steve had his concert at the Host of Christmas Past in Fayetteville, TN. The band did great and we had a lot of fun, but the thing that stuck out for me was seeing a volunteer fireman almost melt his own face off!  I was sitting near the line of food booths while Steve's bad was playing and I heard a BOOM.  When I looked over, I saw a man brushing at his face with some other guys standing around looking concerned.  The sleeve was almost blown off of his shirt, and he had a flash burn across his forehead.  He had been trying to light a propane heater underneath a tank of chicken stew and I don't know what happened, but it caused a fireball to hit him in the upper body.  Luckily he seemed to be ok, except for maybe losing an eyebrow.  It could have been a lot worse!

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