Tuesday, November 10, 2015


1) I've been learning stuff!  It isn't important stuff, but it is interesting.

Did you know that Nabisco, the snack company, used to be known as the National Biscuit Company and the name Nabisco is just a short version of that?  I feel that that is probably common knowledge, but I didn't know and it is strangely interesting.

Did you know that the slogan "Don't Mess With Texas" was originally an anti-littering slogan?  I had no idea.

Ah, trivia. :)

2) I had a massive and completely unexpected anxiety attack last week.  It was terrible, and honestly, it hit me without warning while I was at home by myself.  I don't have them like that very often, thank goodness, but the ones when I'm alone are the worst because there is no one there to tell me I'm being dumb. I began questioning everything I'd done since I'd gotten home, which was stupid, because I hadn't done anything particularly out of the ordinary, but everything I'd done seemed really wrong. I finally emailed someone for help, and they told me I was being dumb. That helped. The anxiety attack passed, thank goodness. 

I really, really hate those things, and I know other people hate having to deal with me when I have them.  It's incredibly embarrassing.

3) Our 15th anniversary is tomorrow!  That's amazing to me for lots of reasons.  We were going to go on a trip, but that got cancelled.  In fact, I won't even get to see Steve for more than a couple of hours, if I'm even awake when he leaves and comes home. He's working and taking an evening class, so I guess I'll do something fun by myself! Maybe. I really have no idea. It actually seems kind of pathetic now that I've written it out loud. (Wait, is that a thing?) Maybe I'll just do laundry. I'm always doing laundry.

4) Why is it that I always want to do the absolute worst things for me?  I swear, I make terrible decisions!  I don't mean to be self destructive, but I can't seem to help it!  I always forget I'm supposed to be eating better, so I'll catch myself with a cupcake in my face before I think "Oh, this is not a good idea!"  I'll keep putting off going to the gym for one reason or another, even though I know I should go, and I'm constantly doing stuff that makes me feel like I'm a 7 year old in a grown up person's body.  I think the little Jiminy Cricket voice in my head has died or something.

Oh, well, at least I'm not a danger to others! :)

5) Do you remember the scene in Home Alone, when Kevin orders a pizza while using clips from the movie (You know, the "Keep the change, ya filthy animal" movie) so he'd sound like an adult?  He scared the pizza guy off by playing the scene with the gunfire.  Why did that pizza guy not call the police?! This has been bothering me.  If a person delivering a pizza is shot at, or thinks he is, why wouldn't he tell someone!  Kevin would have been found a lot sooner, and the whole thing with the burglars wouldn't have happened.  Of course, the movie would have been 20 minutes long.  I've overthought this.  I know, I know...

6)  There was more, but I don't remember.

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