Monday, October 22, 2007

Ouch, much?

OK, I have gotten much clumsier in the last couple of weeks. As you know, that is saying something for me. I know I've been talking a great deal lately about hurting myself, and seriously, I probably wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't starting to get funnier.

I had to go to Target after work today to pick up a prescription. While I was there I picked up dinner and a few other things (which the nice man at the check out counter decided would be better distributed if each individual item was in a separate bag.) So I walk out the door, trying to carry about a dozen bags and my foot hydroplaned on a puddle and I went DOWN. Thankfully I only went to one knee and didn't break or spill anything, but I racked my knee pretty good and my jeans were soaked! In that ten or so seconds I was on the ground, I had to decide between whether or not I was going to be embarrassed or just walk on as if nothing happened. I chose the "Nothing Happened" route. Of course, that isn't so easy to do when something like that happens in front of dozens of people.

Oh, but there's more.

So I go home and have dinner. I was pretty much limping around because of my banged up knee, but it wasn't anything that even needed an aspirin. No biggie. Well, while waiting for Heroes to come on, I decided to bring the dogs in and feed them so that they wouldn't be out in the rain when it started. So I grabbed one of the bowls and headed to the garage to get the food. Right at the garage door, my foot malfunctioned and I twisted my ankle and fell over against the fridge. In the process, I banged my already sore knee and somehow the metal food bowl whacked me in the side of the head. I must have made some rather pitiful noise because Steve, who was asleep in his chair, came running into the kitchen and helped me up.

He's threatened to make me wear a helmet if things don't get better!

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