Monday, February 08, 2010


1) The weather is going insane up here right now! It was supposed to be cloudy and 50 degrees today, but it's currently snowing and sleeting on us right now. I'm glad we brought the dogs back in this morning. Maybe it will warm up a bit by the end of the day. I hope so! I like snow and everything, but I'd rather like snow from the comfort of my house, and not from my office.

2) Well, I managed to embarrass myself yesterday. I was supposed to sing during the morning services, and I picked a song I've sung at least once a year (sometimes more) for the past 17 years. Needless to say, I know this song inside and out. I also had a bad headache before the services started, so I took the medicine that I had in my purse, Excedrine. I timed it quite badly, because the caffeine kicked in right before I stepped on the stage and my hands started shaking really badly. I think it was because I hadn't eaten anything that morning, but whatever it was, it was bad. I was so hyped up that I forgot words to the song halfway through! I managed to cover it up and keep going, but I was so embarrassed. :( I am never singing in public again! Well, at least I'll avoid caffeine before I sing. *shame*

3) Steve broke the internet last week at work! OK, so it wasn't the whole internet, but his company lost a file server and their e-mail. I didn't see him for almost 3 days (wed-fri) because he was at work with one of the guys from St. Louis trying to reinstall everything. Unfortunately, the reinstall failed twice, and each time it took anywhere from 8 - 11 hours to even get to the point where it would fail. So, lots of fun last week. It was very quiet at my house. Luckily, at the 11th hour, they managed to fix the issues! Hooray for Geeks!

4) I watched about 20 minutes of the Super Bowl so that I could see the commercials last night. I didn't see many of them, but the ones I did see made me wonder exactly what sort of demographic they were trying to reach. If I am to assume that answer, according to the commercials, the Super Bowl is watched by men who are completely owned by their wives and/or significant other, who apparently have no testicles that they can call their own, and who don't wear pants. Hmmmm. I watched the Puppy Bowl instead. :)

5) Speaking of the Puppy Bowl, I think that the kitten half time show must have emotionally scarred me or something. I don't remember what I was dreaming about, but Steve woke me up because he was laughing hysterically. I asked him what happened, and he said that I was talking in my sleep and had said "I was sorry, that it was because we were using the first one I found. Then I said, “If I had found a bag full of a thousand kittens, we wouldn’t be doing this. We would be separating kittens.” I have NOOOOOOOOO idea what that was all about. :)

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