Thursday, January 08, 2015


I'm beginning to think that this is not a good diet to start just out of the blue.

One of the things that has been hardest for me is that the amount of food you get seems so small, especially if you haven't been dieting at all before hand.  To go from eating whatever you want to tiny containers of food you are scheduled to eat is very, very hard.  On a good note, though, having someone else pick what you're going to eat makes meal times easy, but not having as much as you want of it is what is hard.  If you are thinking of doing this particular program, my recommendation is that you should start cutting back your regular food beforehand and then try this stuff.  If nothing else, get used to eating a little less!  Also, don't expect that everything will be delicious. Imagine you are in college with just a microwave to cook with and only a convenience store to shop in!
BREAKFAST: Biscotti Bites. These were good, but I don't know if they are what I'd consider a breakfast food. I love biscotti, but it's more of a snack thing for me.  These were tasty, though, and there were a lot more in the package than I thought there would be!  I also have some pomegranate again today!  I'm excited about the pomegranate! I'm saving it for later on this morning.  Being exited that I have fruit makes me sad.

LUNCH: White Bean Chicken Chili.  I literally couldn't get up enough enthusiasm to eat lunch today. I kept thinking "I'll heat that up soon." But even though I was hungry, I just didn't want to eat it.  It probably doesn't taste bad or anything. I don't even want the salad I brought.  I'm in "Kill Me" mode.  I'll take it home and maybe eat it later. Who knows?  Not me.  My life now consists of being hungry and getting excited about fruit.  I am this close to walking into a McDonald's, jumping on the first person I see, and licking their fingernails just to taste a French fry again.
    *EDIT - I did eventually eat a little bit of this and the salad when I got home.  The chili was very spicy (to me, anyway) and it had a weird, metallic, sweet taste.  It wasn't terrible, but I don't want to eat it again. I didn't eat it all.  

I hit the drunk/stupid point of low blood sugar while I was shopping at Target with Steve tonight.  We had to go get some milk, and I realized that I couldn't focus on anything and was starting to giggle and slur my words.  It wasn't severe, and I've felt this way when I've gone a long time without eating, but it hadn't been that long since I had the salad, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned.  I straight up almost started to cry because I realized I couldn't have a chicken finger.  That is not normal.  I know I ate a lot of junk before doing this program, but eating better (or at least less) isn't like coming down from taking drugs is it?  Do you go through food withdrawal?

This sucks.
It looks, and tastes, like someone had already eaten it. 
DINNER: Chicken Alfredo.  I found something called Veggie Wedgies (the name makes me laugh) which are supposed to be French fry substitutes for children.  They are made from cauliflower, but I didn't check to see if they had anything else in them I wasn't supposed to eat. [*EDIT: Potatoes, but only secondary to the cauliflower.] I tried to eat the chicken stuff, I promise I did.  Do you know how mad I was the other day when the macaroni didn't taste good?  I could at least eat that.  This was twenty times worse. I couldn't even get mad about it, it was too depressing.  It didn't just taste bad, it tasted wrong.  I can't explain it. I kept taking tiny bites hoping I'd change my mind, but I didn't.  I got rid of it. I just ate my Veggie Wedgies (hee!) and had an egg and some veggie bacon instead.  Calories were probably about equal.


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Anonymous said...

This might actually be a successful diet program, if the point isn't to eat what is in the box, but actually to reject all of the horrible things they put in the box!

Keep blogging... I'm waiting for the tirade against nutrisystem. It should be EPIC! Also if you come across a Nutrisystem rep at Sams or Costco or wherever, document that too, it should be quite entertaining!