Sunday, January 11, 2015


I don't have anything clever or introspective to say.  All I know, is that I'm hungry and I hate everyone involved in the creation of this box of food.  It is an irrational and unfair hate, but nonetheless it is real and it is huge.

You want to know something weird?  Steve actually likes everything he's eaten so far.  The only thing he's had any problems with has been the morning shake, and that's only because of the artificial sweetener.  Maybe it's just me.  Maybe I'm just much pickier than I realized.  Or...or...maybe Steve doesn't have a sense of taste, and he's just messing with me.  Maybe everything he eats is completely bland to him, and now he's just taunting me with how fine he is with the provided food.  He wants me to go crazy.  I think that's it! That smarmy fat-head can't taste FOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE!

BREAKFAST: Apple Strudel Bar.  This was just OK, rather than very good, but I think it's because it had some kind of artificial flavoring in it.  I couldn't pinpoint what the strange taste was, but it tasted much faker than the others.  It may have been because it didn't have the fake chocolate or fake peanut butter on it to cover up whatever strangeness I detected.  It was fine, though, and since I had it with black tea, it was enough.  I was hungry pretty soon after, though.

LUNCH: Cheese Tortellini.  This was edible, if not exactly good.  The sauce was chunky and had a strange sweet flavor to it, which I've noticed in other Lean Cuisine type Italian foods before, so it wasn't unexpected. There was a LOT of sauce, though.  That strange sweet taste, which I think must be some kind of herb, kept me from eating much of the sauce, so I scraped it off as best I could.  I pared it with some brussle (s?) sprouts and it was passable.  When I was microwaving the sprouts, one of them exploded and jumped clear out of the container to die a mushy death on the bottom of the microwave. I know how it feels.  I also had 60 calories worth of Smarties, which was 1/2 the calories of the morning shake that I didn't drink.  I just wanted something sweet.  I think this whole thing would work better if there was something to look forward to.  I think if you do the regular month long program, they do have desserts. I don't want to do the month long thing. I don't think I'd stay sane.

PM SHAKE: OK, I had to do it.  I was starving just a couple of hours after lunch.  This time I took the Craving Crusher shake and blended it with ice and water.  I diluted it too much, so it was just sort of a slightly chocolate flavored ice once I got into it.  I didn't drink it all, mainly because it didn't taste like much of anything except the artificial sweetener. I drank about half and couldn't do much more. The shake made me cold.  So now I'm cold AND hungry.  Bastards.

DINNER: Chili with Beans.  There was a three tier reaction to eating the chili.  First: taste "Oh, thank goodness, it tastes good!" Second: Chew "Crap, it's got that weird sweet taste." Third: Feel "NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE."  The meat felt wrong and it also had the metallic taste that all food packaged in that kind of container always has.  Again, I went with my replacement meal of an egg and veggie bacon. I added toasted spinach and a piece of 100 calorie bread (I realized it was the first bread I'd had all week.)  I had to add some almonds at the end of the day, and otherwise I was fine! 

This diet sucks.  Seriously, unless you literally don't care what your food tastes like, I don't see how anyone could do this long term. 

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