Saturday, August 04, 2007


Friday evening wasn't a good one for me! I mean, it wasn't terrible, per se, but the crick in my neck that I complained about on Thursday was a full back crick (is there such a thing?) by Friday evening. I have never realized, mainly because I have been blessed enough not to have many problems with it, that when your back hurts - really hurts - you hurt all over. I spent the hours after dinner contorted in various runic shapes trying to pop my spine. I kept thinking that if I could just get one good crackle out of it, I'd be doing so much better! Of course, I also pictured myself paralyzing myself somehow too! By the time I'd wallered all over the living room and guest room, I decided that I needed to do something else. I had taken some Advil and Excedrin throughout the day with no results, so in a fit of desperation I dug out the only one of the prescription pain pills that didn't get stolen and I took it. I can't say that it helped the pain, but I certainly didn't care about it anymore. I lay in the recliner and watched bad 80's music videos with Steve and talked to the dogs. When the medicine finally kicked in fully, I was pretty much immobile and dozing in and out of consciousness. I was going to have to sleep in the recliner because laying down flat hurt too much, so Steve went to bed and left me and the boys in the living room. I 'm going to go out on a limb and say that he should probably be glad I slept in another room, because I think I had a bad few moments of hallucination when I first fell asleep. I don't remember much, just that once I woke up ripping my covers off and only getting tangled up in them, and once again clawing at the air and gasping, I think I might have been afraid my feet were trying to attack me. Whatever else I did was apparently enough for Butler, who's kennel faced the chair I was trying to sleep in. He stood up and batted at the door of his kennel. No amount of telling him to go back to sleep worked. Every time I'd get on the edge of sleep...*bat bat bat*... on the door. I finally got up, and only by the grace of God did I not do a face plant into the coffee table, and took the dogs outside. All the while I was slurring to Butler that he was a wretched, wretched animal and that if I fell down the stairs in the garage while trying to let them outside, he'd better make like Lassie and go get help. Of course, Butler didn't know what I was talking about because he has never seen Lassie, but he promised to get help if he could. After letting them out and not hurting myself in the process, I lay back down in the chair and fell asleep hard. I don't know if I thrashed around or knocked anything over this time, but I had a very bad dream that has bothered me all weekend. Do you know those dreams where you realize you need to go to the bathroom, but every time you find one something makes it impossible to go? Like, the bathroom is dirty or there are no doors on the stalls or someone is talking to you and won't leave you alone? Well, I had a dream similar to that, only this one was more frustrating. I was trying to talk to a friend and whatever it was I needed to tell him was very important, but whenever I got a second to talk to him I'd get interrupted. This kept on happening and kept on happening. Apparently it was a private matter because any time we'd start talking, his wife/girlfriend/mom(?) would walk in and we'd have to stop talking, or he'd get a phone call, or he'd turn away or interrupt me while I was talking. There was only one time I honestly got a chance to tell him whatever it was, and I got distracted! ARGH! I woke up so distraught from that dream that I felt I hadn't slept at all. However, my back had started to feel better, so it wasn't a complete loss! : )

SATURDAY: Because I had such a bad night, I wound up messing up the plans Steve and I had made earlier in the week. He was nice about it so I wouldn't feel too bad, but it's so rare that we make plans together that I was very sorry I messed everything up. We had brunch, but we scrapped the plans to go to the driving range. I ended up sleeping a lot to make up for lost time. We were still able to go to the movies and see "The Simpsons." It was about the way I thought it would be. I'm not saying it was bad, because it wasn't, or that it wasn't funny, because it was, but it was coarse and somewhat vulgar. The Spider Pig song was worth the price of admission alone, though. : ) That night Anthony, Steve and I had dinner at The Outback. We gave them the name "Donner" so that they could call the "Donner Party of 3" (thanks Kenny) but they didn't do it. Maybe they get that joke a lot. Heeheehee. Dinner was fun and so was the company. I told Anthony about my dream and he seems to think I have excess anxiety or abandonment issues. Um....OK.

SUNDAY: This sunday was a little different than normal. We still went to church that morning, but we had lunch with Steve's dad instead of my parents. My family had made other plans, so Steve and I took the chance to be a little lazy. I still wasn't feeling great, so once again I slept a lot that evening. It wasn't anything special, but it was a nice, lazy Sunday. It's always good to have one of those every once in a while, right? : )

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