Monday, September 17, 2007

I was standing in the break room trying to decide if I wanted something out of the vending machine when something strange happened. I was kind of in my own world, which we all know isn't an unusual location for me to be, when this slightly weird, middle aged, floor guide in a flight suit leans over to me and says:

"You know you're beautiful, right?"

Being ripped from my immediate conundrum of deciding between a snickers bar and a pop tart, I was confused into almost telling him the truth, but I caught myself in time so that I wouldn't sound self loathing to a total stranger. I honestly didn't know what to say. I mean, no, I don't think any such thing at all, but I also don't think I should share my own low self esteem with a veritable stranger, you know? So I said "bluh, I guess so."

I'm so smooth. It's my quick wit and charm that wins people over, don't you think? Heeheehee

That was a lovely thing for someone to say and certainly something I never hear, so I was flattered. Flattered and a little creeped out. Mostly creeped out.

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